Monday, June 22, 2009


I have found a lot of coupon sites and thought I would share my savings with y'all

Sunday's paper usually has some, but not enough for the savings I have been getting lately. I have a printer, and so glad I do, so I print most of the coupons that I use. It has saved me more than I really expected.

These first few are free online printing. (this will bring up the circulars from your area)

Most of these you have to give an email and password. I just created a junk account for this and use that. They will let you know when the coupons for the month have been restocked.

Also you can try;

Try your favorite manufacture. Malt 0 Meal, Kelloggs, things like that. They will have copuons occasionally. But if you catch them, you can find something. Eight O'clock coffee has an incentive program. You buy their coffee and you can get coupons for free coffee, Visa gift cards or free magazines.

Now there are some out there that you can pay for your coupons. I know, I know, paying for coupons, but if you think about it, that is what you do with your Sunday paper. You buy the paper just for the sale ads, free from Walgreen's, CVS and Rite Aid, for the comics, and for the coupons. I also know it is a $1.50, but if you hit the Dollar Tree, it is just $1. I am so cheap!

The following sites are for a fee:

For local coupons, try

Now for those of you that have a Publix in the area, every Sunday they have their mystery item. It is a penny if you purchase $10 worth of stuff. Sometimes it is a good item, cookies, water, Gatorade, cheese and sometimes it is things like Hamburger Helper. So, for a penny, I will get what they have if I know I will use it.

A lot of the coupons online are buy 2, save $1. Ok, that isn't too bad, but wait and watch when shopping. For example, I had a .60 coupon on Knorr rices. Every week I would go and watch and see if it was buy one, get one (BOGO). Last week it was. COOL! I picked up 2 for $1.35 minus the .60 coupon, I paid .75 for 2 packages of rice. Today I had a coupon for $1.50 off a 2 boxes of Mini Wheats. PJ is a mini wheat freak. BOGO at $4.19, minus my $1.50 coupon, $2.69 for 2 boxes of Mini Wheats, comes out to $1.35 a box.

Most stores in this area will double coupons up to .50, some go up to .60 doubled. Watch your stores, I have seen them triple coupons up to .99. Boy is that a savings!

That is my advice for the week in grocery shopping. Over the past 2 weeks, with coupons and instore savings, I have a little over $60 in savings.

I am learning as I am going along, and teaching the boys while I am at it. Eric went shopping without me 2 weeks ago, he saved $10. Today was $6.79 with coupons and instore savings.

The economy is hitting all of us. Why not try to save with a little more money? It may take a little time, it may take a little of paper and ink. But in the end, it is so worth it!

If you find any sites that I don't know about it, please let me know. I am always looking for bargains!