Monday, June 1, 2009

Cleaning Windows

A while back my dad's wife, Bonnie, asked us if we would come and wash her windows. Well, that is fine, but I don't like charging family for things that I can do in my spare time. There wasn't much wiggle room there, she wanted to pay and that was that.

We did the smaller windows one day and decided that the sunroom would come another day. Chuck and I take our time on windows. We plan a day to do them, get them done right, make sure they are clean, that way if anyone asks, it could be another job for us.

On Tuesday after Mother's Day, our anniversary, we decided that we would kindly finish up my dad's windows and while we were there do the pressure washing they asked for too. Ok, so Chuck is outside pressure washing and I am outside cleaning windows, and eventually inside.

The sunroom is a room that my dad added on a few years ago. I love the room and would love to have something like that on my house, but it isn't possible right now.

This room has 18 windows. Some solid and some that are side by side. But 18 windows, no matter how they are set in, still comes out to 18 windows.

I removed all the screens and got to work. I had a job ahead of me. I didn't realize the task at hand. And doing that alone, well, that really was a job. But I didn't mind it. I poked my head out the window a few times to grab a kiss from the boss, it was our anniversary. Got fussed out for goofing off while working from the boss too. But, he got over it.

Chuck pressure washed around the house, the porch and the sidewalk.

Everything looked so nice. Clean sidewalk, clean porch, clean windows and screens. And word of mouth pays off.

Since Bonnie was so happy with the window job, she mentioned it to a friend from the Y, and this lovely lady asked us to do her daughter's house also.

It pays to do a job well done!