Thursday, June 25, 2009


This year we opted in not taking a vacation. It wasn't going to work out for the week we always take because of my working, I wasn't going to get paid for vacation either. So, Daytona Beach was out of the question this year. It isn't too bad though, we have had 5 years of family vacations and realized that we will be able to go again next year.

So we decided on something else.

No, we aren't camping in the backyard either. We have decided to not to work around our schedule, but for the schedule to work around us. And we thought camping would be great this year. Four days in one place, four in another, four somewhere else. It may not be "vacation" but it is time away from everything. No tv, no computer, but also, no electricity and not running water either.

This tent is a pretty good size. It sleeps 8, but that would be snug.

There is a divider curtain for each 'room'. We can get a queen size air mattress on both side. Along with pockets for things like books, MP3 players, and phones.

The canopy comes off, for those who haven't been camping in the last 100 years.

It opens to the screen on the top. Which is very nice! All the windows zip down, door window zips open. It is rather roomy inside, lots of light and lots of air moving around.

Along with the tent, we purchased 2 queen air mattresses, 2 battery operated lanterns, 4 chairs, cooking set. A few years ago I found a fold and go grill for Chuck, so we have that and a table that folds up too. I want the shower and changing room, but that may have to be later. We also need a canopy to eat under or to sit under.

Ok, so it may not be the most luxurious of vacations, but A) it will be time away, B) it will be time away from the things in life that we all don't need, and C) we can go whenever we want to, where ever we want to, as many times as we want to. This year our vacation will not be limited to 1 week in 1 certain month. Camping will allow us to go once a month for a few days at a time. It is not just limited to summer, but we can go up until October if we want to.

We have already priced out places to go, we can have waterfront or woods. We can be primitive or go with the water and electric for a little more. We can go where we want and not have to worry about reservations or someone messing up our room.

I am excited. I am excited about getting away from everything in life that we rely so much on. Nothing wrong with a book, chair, water and campfire. That actually sounds like something I may enjoy!

The boys already spent 2 nights in the backyard. Each had their own side, they talked and laughed and listened to the night. They got scared, but stayed outside. PJ came in once to go to the bathroom, never heard him.

I went out the next morning and they were in the same bed. Sound asleep. Ate breakfast and lunch outside. Sat under the tree and relaxed. They are ready for us to put it up again. I have a feeling that they will be spedning most of their summer out there. Fine with me, let them enjoy this time.


Johanna said...

When are you going on vacation? I haven't been camping in ages, but I remember I used to have a blast when we went. Getting away from it all is a good thing.