Monday, June 22, 2009

My Weekly Shopping Experience

Generally I don't blog about my shopping experience, but this week I have to vent some.

I love Publix. I have learned how to save the money that I need to save by using coupons, watching sales and looking at everything. I don't shop anywhere else because I can save A LOT over at Publix. People say how expensive it is, I don't see that.

So today we get there and, as usual, I hit the deli. The one woman was waiting on someone and told me that she would be right with me. Ok, not a problem, I can wait. But then the deli manager comes out and heads right to the woman that just walked up to the counter. I looked at her, said "Oh nevermind" and started to walk away. She said that she didn't see me, I told her again "Nevermind" and kept on shopping. I wasn't irritated all that much, BUT when Eric overheard them talking about me, well, that was enough. I didn't go over there, I didn't talk to the ladies, I went straight to the manager and told them what happened. I wouldn't have gone to him for the over sight. But talking about a customer, that was wrong and I didn't appreciate it too much.

I told the manager what happened, told them that I can shop in Cleveland just as easy as I do in Ooltewah. I didn't have to shop there, but I liked shopping there. He apologized and took care of it right away.

While I was shopping, the Deli manager found me, apologized and gave me a gift card. Now, I don't like getting things like that, I just am happy talking to the manager about it, and let him handle the situation. But she gave me a $25 gift card for the trouble. I told her that was fine, but as a professional, you do not talk about your customers. I told her that my son heard what you were saying and that was what made me go to the manager. She was very apologetic about all of it, but it was just the way that she handleded it.

I go check out, use my card, get my groceries loaded, give all my coupons to the cashier, and pay the rest. Not bad, $40.64 in groceries this week. But on the way home, I spotted that I was charged $3.99 for heavy cream, the sign said $3.79. Ok,.20 is .20, but that was not the point. I called them, explained to them what happened, she called me back, I was overcharged for something and next week when I go back, I get the product for free. Fine with me, computers mess up all the time.

As for my coupons, I had one for Kool Aid. Save .50 on 10 packets of Kool Aid. Publix doubles the coupons, so that would be $1. Meaning I would get 5 packs free. But the cashier rang up 9, meaning I did not get my savings. I didn't notice this until it was too late. We got home and Eric counted 10, she didn't charge me for the extra, I will pay for it, as long as I get my $1 savings on it.

I guess i need to watch all that goes through the line at the store. I write all the prices down when I am shopping so that way I know what I have spent and what I have left to spend. I head to the store with my clipboard and coupons and list, go from there. I watch all that I spend. We are on a budget and I need to make sure that I don't overspend on junk.

I do save money at Publix, but this week was not a good week for me over there. Cleveland stores are so expensive, sales tax is nearly 10%, and they don't have the service or quality that Publix offers. I do drive a ways to get there, but days like today, I wonder if it is really worth the trouble.