Thursday, January 24, 2008

Cars and the trouble they cause

I have had a day from, basically, hell. Yes, I know what I said, and I really don't care right now.
It all started last night. The boys and I went for our short walk. We got done and got in the car. Started it up, backed up, and then it started. The engine light flashing, the car sputtering and jerking, the get up and gone had just left town. I drove it home and got out, oh my goodness, the smell of rotten eggs was everywhere. Inside the car and eventually inside the house. It was that bad and yes, it was GROSS! So, I decided to start it up again, and it ran just fine. I was hoping that was all there was to it.

Nope, got up this morning to take Eric to school. Backed out of the driveway and went on our way. Then it happened. I got to the red light and it started the same thing that happened last night. The sputtering, like it wasn't getting enough gas, the engine light flashing, the jerking that it was causing. I was sitting at this light praying that it would change so I can get to a turn around and head back home. I made it home, parked in the yard, and told Chuck what was going on.

We thought that since it doesn't have quite 50K miles on it, that it should be covered under warrenty. But that means to find a good tow company, one that will not rip the bumper off the car type company, contact the insurance company that way I will be reimbursed for the tow bill, contact VW of Chattanooga and find out what needs to be done.

First off, I parked the car in the yard the wrong way and boy did I get yelled at for it not being parked the right way. All I wanted to do was get home, I could care less how it was parked. I had a kid in the car and I had to crossover a busy intersection to get this said child to school. So, really now, do you really think that I was thinking about how a car is parked in the yard? Nope, could care less at the moment.

Get Chuck up and tell him what was going on, asked about a tow company and then I get this, I hate your car. I just go on my way, get PJ up, get his breakfast ready, get my lunchbox ready, since I don't have a car to go home in, put my breakfast in the lunchbox, because I was already too upset to eat, get coffee poured for me and jackass, and then get dressed.

I asked him repeatedly, "Where do you want me to put the car? How do you want me to park the car?" This is the response that I get, "Just wait. It needs to be towed. Just wait." So, I did just that, waited and waited and waited. And when I proceeded to ask again, "Well, think will ya? If a tow truck has to get it, how does it need to be?" Yes, I know how it needs to go, but ya know, where in the yard or driveway do you want this piece of crap?

I moved the car and got it in the yard the right way. Not that big of a deal. But then I get greeted with this, "You really need to learn this stuff, it would be nice if you knew how to do something." Ok, I lost it.

When I got married I was 23. I had no clue on how to do anything. I didn't know how to cook, clean, iron clothes, balance a checkbook or anything else. So, for him to tell me that I need to know how to do something. Well, it is high time he got off his ass and learned half the stuff that I know. In the 18 years I have been married, I have learned to cook, better than anyone in the family. I clean more than anyone in the house. I pay all the bills, I sew, crochet, quilt. I iron shirts all the time for everyone. I lay flooring, hang paneling, change light switches. I paint rooms and tear down wallpaper. I also teach the boys what they need to know, help with homework, work on projects, play games and go walking with them. Now you tell me, who needs to know how to do something else, it doesn't look like I need to know anything else.

But, apparently I need to look into a tow company. Ok, will do, I will get right on it. Just like I am gonna kiss you goodbye when I get out of the car. I will really get right on it.

Well, I get the key in the car, unlocked all the doors and get PJ to school and then myself to work. Find out that the warrenty expired on 11/03/07. Great, so if it is the catalytic converter, like it smells like it is, it comes right out of pocket. And being a German car, there is no telling how much it is. Hopefully it is a spark plug that can be an easy repair.

The place that we take the car to comes out to the house to get the car, and well, guess what...... the car is locked. Now, I know that I opened all the doors, I unlocked the car and made sure it was unlocked with the keys in the car. Nope, locked up. Great, anything that Chuck has to leave work and open the car. Hey, I unlocked it, double checked it, and it was open. Guess not.
I got an email stating that I will have to find a way to get the loaner car from the automotive place. That he can't leave work to take me there, that is fine. I don't mind, there is a good soul around here that is willing to run me somewhere to get a car. Ok, I get there, and my driver leaves. I thought that would be ok. I get in there and realized that I don't have my driver's license or insurance card. Crud! Thankfully in the Jetta is my insurance car. So I did get back to work without a problem.

I asked him while I was there if he found out what the problem was. A little longer, great! Ok, I get back here, gonna fax a copy of my driver's license to him and call for the fax , well I thought I would ask again, not yet Patti. I told him that I am sitting on pins and needles right now. I am a nervous wreck, he offered to call me when he was done and I told him just to call Chuck that way I only get yelled at once and that would be it.

Shortly thereafter I receive an email from the beloved. Apparently it was one spark plug that burnt up and burned a coil too. Thankfully it is JUST $350 tax and all. It could be worse. I didn't know that it needed a tune up at 40K. I just assumed that it was like any normal car and was about 50K to 80K. Nope, the spark plugs need to be changed every 40K miles. Now that I know that, I will be watching that like a hawk. Also, moi is getting the book out to find out what is next for the 50K checkup.

So, gentlemen out there, don't yell at the women in your lives if the car breaks down, it is not her fault. Maybe it is yours because you didn't read the manual.
Ladies, unfortunately, EVERYTHING IS OUR FAULT!