Thursday, January 3, 2008

Days following Christmas

Since I had been home, my days seemed to have ran together. I have asked on several occasions, "What day is this?" Understandable, I hadn't worked since the 14th, and I haven't really thought about the days since I don't have to work until Wednesday. It has been nice and I have gotten quite a bit done around the house.

Chuck was off on Wednesday, so there were things whether I liked it or not that needed to get done. Like take down the crappy tree and put it by the road. Now usually when we put anything by the road, it is gone within a matter of minutes. We put my cradle out there, tried to sell it, no one wanted it. And we put our coffee table out there, both on Christmas. Well, in about 10 minutes the cradle was gone. And before it got dark, the coffee table had also gone on to a new home. Living in the area that we live in, it doesn't surprise me that things are picked up rather quickly.

So, Wednesday the tree and all the decorations came down. That is one thing that makes Christmas seem like it wasn't 4 days ago, but more like a month or more ago. I do miss not having the tree up, but considering the cat would frequent under it to sleep, I felt that this was a better thing to do, that way I don't break anymore ornaments. I am seriously thinking about getting a smaller type tree next year. Yes, I am acting like an old fuddy duddy, but it would be easier. Oh hell, just get one for each of the boys to decorate, that way they can do it themselves and leave me alone! LOL

So, taking off the lights and putting up the ornaments, made Christmas go away a lot faster than I would have preferred, but it was for the better.

Thursday brought the boys little friend back over. They have had a blast with Sarah, and I am so glad that they had the chance to have her over. Her mother seems to think that it is too much on me to have another child in the house. It doesn't bother me. I enjoy it, I don't have to entertain either of the boys at one point in time, and it gives them such good interaction with other children. She is a sweet little girl and seems to have a good time over here.

Well, she has a Webkinz, and each of the boys have more than one too, so, at one point on Thursday, I had 3 computers going all at once. It was so cute. They had a blast with each other. I ironed, so I was right here the entire time anyways. She really isn't a problem, and I was looking forward having her there for dinner. But mom thought it was a burden on me, and picked her up right before we got to make ice cream.

Ok, I bought the boys an Ice Cream Ball. If you don't know what it is, go to, they have 2 sizes. Pint and Quart. I bought the pint size and it was for both of the boys. Basically, you put the ice and salt in one end and then you put the cream and everything you want in it in the canister. PJ picked S'mores. So, go get marshmallows, I had chocolate chips, and instead of graham crackers to scoop it out with, why not sprinkle graham cracker crumbs on top? It worked out well. The boys shook, rattled and rolled for 20 minutes, and when they got done, they have homemade ice cream. It was fun, and I am so glad that I bought that. So, when friends come over, we can do something creative. Ok, so what, I am into kids being a little creative! I know they go home and they tell their parents what they did at our house. Trust me, I would prefer them to say that they made ice cream, decorated a gingerbread house, or did something new, than for them to go home and tell their parents bad things that they did. I know that if they boys came home from a friend's house and told me that they did things that were not right, played a game that was not appropriate, I would have to think twice about letting them go over there again. I am just like that. Yes, I know I am over protective, but I want them to be safe and have fun at the same time. I don't see a problem with that.

Friday was a chance for me to sleep in a bit. Not much, I forgot to make coffee, Chuck hurt his back, so I figured it would be a good idea to get up and make coffee before he got out of the shower. But I did get back into bed and slept for a little while. I woke up to a rainy, dreary day. That is fine with me, we need the rain, so we pretty much did things in and around the house. Of course, had to go out once or twice. We were planning on heading to the Whole Foods Store, GreenLife Grocery, in Chattanooga.
But with the rain and the holiday traffic, I thought putting that on the back burner would be a better idea. So, I did some more cleaning and hanging of the curtains. Back several months ago, I bought some gorgeous curtains from TJMaxx. I hung them but not well enough to look like they should look. So, down comes the curtains, move the TV, go to Ace, buy some screws, look for the power screwdriver, find the step stool, and get to work. Yes, they look so much better now. After all that work in getting the brackets out and back in again a little higher up, the support in the middle (a little too high), I have curtains that look like they should. Well, then head to get a cable for the TV, and move that too. The living room is a little empty to my standards, but the boys have room to play on the floor and there is actually room to walk.

Saturday we headed to Chattanooga. But before doing anything, I needed to go shopping. I hit Walmart and ran into my Saturday morning date. Ok, let me explain. We went to a little church for many years. There was a lovely older couple that adopted the boys, and in the long run, they have become my spiritual parents. They are a treasure and I love them to death. Well, she is diabetic and handicapped, so, he does the grocery shopping all the time. For many months we have been meeting up at Walmart on Saturday mornings. Since Christmas was coming, I had stopped going there due to the heavy traffic. But I was sitting in the car this morning and I saw him drive by. I was so glad that I did. I knew that his wife had a book for me, "God Calling." It is a powerful devotional and they wanted to share it with me too. Now, they don't have to do that, but it means so much to me that they did. Just a few days from now is the New Year's. A perfect time to start a devotional.

Anyway, we got in the car and headed to GreenLife. Oh my goodness, who would have thought that there was that much natural foods out there. The store is huge! And the selection was amazing. I was overwhelmed. I am so used to their other location, smaller store, less of a selection, that I was lost. They had a wonderful hot food bar, gorgeous fish, the meats were to die for, and I can go on and on. I got to the coffees and looked at all of them. I wondered what type Johanna would like, does she have a grinder, so I didn't buy any. I actually went in the store with my recycled bags, not intending to buy anything, but that didn't work. Eric wanted a fresh salad with an all natural, organic dressing. I ended up at the register $53 later. Yes, I always say that I am not buying anything, but I end up with things that I just can't do without. I have told the boys that a trip down here once a month may be in order. Whatever I buy there, I will just take off my list for the week. Balance it out. I do believe that I will be moving the cleaning and wash products to all natural. It is better for all of us, and this puts money back into the local economy.

We hit Books-A-Million on the way home. I am a book freak, and since I have my new card, I decided I needed to use it. Well, I found 2 things that I was looking for, and got Eric the Jr Betty Crocker cookbook. I told him that I want him to cook more next year. It is important to know how to cook and that you need to clean up behind yourself. He loves the book, it is basically the 1955 edition of the book. He was so excited that he got home and started going through the cabinets, looking for things that he can use for anything. He discoved that he wanted to make French Toast tomorrow morning for us, and then he found it. "I have to make it, I just have to do this right now." Before I go any further, let me tell you, the instructions and some of the ingredients in this book are a little backwards, shortening for butter, fat for oil? I don't think so. But Eric did want to bake, and so I let him. He discovered Peanut Butter cookies. And he was so impatient, but he had to wait a little longer for the butter to softened.

He was so tickled with his cookies, but he thought that he needed more peanut butter and a shorter cook time. I told him to write it in his book. He looked at me and asked, "Is that ok to do?" Of course it is ok, it is your book, you make the adjustments that you feel is needed. He was beside himself! I am so proud of him, he tries so hard to overcome so many challenges. I know if you look at him you see a normal child, but deep down, he wants to be just like anyone else. Maybe it is our fault, maybe it is my fault. I want them to be well rounded children. I want them to know how to do the little things in life. Like sew a button, hem pants, cook a meal. Maybe I do push it on him a little much. But to know that cooking pleases him, makes him happy, has him being creative, that means so much to me.

Well, tonight we head to the neighbors for Christmas with them. They have adopted the boys as their grandchildren since their daughter doesn't have any kids. I guess to please everyone once in a while is ok.

Life is good, life is fun. And I am not looking back and regretting anything this year. I have been blessed with family and with friends that I wouldn't trade in for the world. The internet has brought some precious, precious friends in my life. Can't wait to meet them FINALLY next year!