Thursday, January 24, 2008

Too Stinkin' Cute!

I have had this material for many years. I initially bought it to make a dress for Chuck's neice, Kaitlyn. But I didn't know what I was doing, I didn't want to bother anyone with it, and then my machine decided that it was gonna go a little crazy with the bobbin area. So, needless to say, I never got started on it. Part of it, may be a timing thing too. There is so little time for life anymore. And my problem is, I love to sew and do things like that, that when I don't get to do it, I sorta get disappointed that I didn't make the time for it. But then I have the boys and spending time with them is more important than any craft or quilt. So, I have to choose what is priority. So, taking things in steps to make them is the way that I have to go. Of course, starting one project at a time is the key right now. One day I will have the time to do this stuff, so I have to have my priorities in order.

It always amazed me how someone can take a piece of material and do something with it. I am in forever awe of people that can make beautiful clothing for themselves and their family. Or my neighbor that has the time to run to quilt store after quilt store to get material. And then make these quilts that are just amazing. I am just happy that I have gotten just a few done, and only one is in my house. I would love to do that stuff, but I don't have the time to run to all the stores everywhere. And in the process of raising 2 boys, I simply don't have the energy to sit for hours on end cutting and creating. For me, that takes time. PJ's quilt took me 3 years to get done. I did have a crappy machine, so that was part of the problem.

Back to the material that I purchased many years ago. You already know that I stumbled upon it not too long ago. So, I figured that since there is only one little girl in my life, that I would make it for her. I made the vest, trimmed the material, hemmed the skirt, cut the larger patterns for a purse. I did all that I needed to do. I got the purse done.

Isn't it just too cute. I have sewn a pocket inside of it too, to make it more purse perfect. I thought about quilting it, but I really struggled with my strap, so when I got done with it, it was done and ready to be used.

I then did the best I could with the skirt portion. I hemmed it, and then started to gather it. Now, I haven't done this in years, and I mean way back in High School years, I had to go on my memories of how things are to be done. I do remember that when you gather something, it needs to be doubled the size of what you are doing. Got that. Loose stitches, got that. Now to attempt to put it on the correct way. The first time, I had the top on wrong, nope that won't work. Gee whiz Patti. Ok, take out the pins and go again. I fought with it, cussed at it, threw it down several times, and gathered my thoughts and started over. Yes, I finally got done with it, after all that, I now have a dress. Of course, my mistake, I took it to my neighbor. Get ready to for some constructed critisism. And it did come in handy, not that I will be making too many dresses like this, but I did learn some things that I may need to know in the future. I am so glad that I don't have girls. Really, making stuff for the boys is much easier.

Now, considering I am a beginner, I don't know the ins and outs of certain things, zippers and button holes. So, with button holes I have to improvise on what I need to do. I thought about snaps, no, really that would not be right for this project. I thought about velcro, that would work, but then all you would hear is her pulling it and putting it back together, that would get on your nerves after a while. Ok, I settled for ribbon. I was going to thread a needle, pull thought both pieces of the vest and just tie like that. I didn't have a needle with an eye large enough, now what? What is it, necessity is the mother of invention? I didn't invent anything, but ingenuity is always right around the corner! I figured it out! Yes, thank you brain, I figured it out.

See, when I put my mind to things, I don't do half bad!

Now, will I attempt something like this again. Probably so, but right now, I have 3 things that I would like to get done. Curtains for the kitchen, pj bottoms for PJ, and a race car quilt that I finally got the rest of the fabric for to get it started.
These things may take some time, but I am getting to do something that I really enjoy. I still spend some time with the boys, and I still have time to get whatever needs to be done in the house.

I did buy Eric a pattern for, basically, lounge pants. He wants to try to make something. Wish me luck!