Thursday, January 3, 2008

Last day of school and a fun Christmas gift

Thursday was the last day of school. So why bother even going if you are only there for 3 hours. Funny, they count that as an entire day of school. They seem to get credit for 8 if you go 3. Yep, makes sense to me. Actually, in the elementary school, you can leave whatever time you want to, and still be counted as a full day. Gee, when I was in school, we didn't get stuff like that.

Eric got up and I took him to school at 6:45. And then came home, let PJ sleep in for a bit and then annouced to him that it was the last day of school. Of course, he was out of bed in a pop!

I waited on Eric to get off the bus and then we headed to school. The parties aren't the same anymore. I don't know, maybe because I am old, and have revisionist history, but I seem to remember to have fun with our Christmas parties. We gave the teachers nice gifts and had several students provide some very nice cupcakes for the class. The reason I know is because my grandmother would provide the cupcakes for us as I got older.

I would love to be room mother for one of the boys. But because of me working, I can't give to them what a room mother should do for the class. PJ's class has the same room mother as in 2nd grade. She works full time and extremely rough around the edges. She doesn't do what a room mother does. She forgets to call to remind us what we are to bring. I usually write it down on the calendar so I don't depend on getting a phone call. She does the room mother thing half way. Now, I do understand that she does this because she wants to spend time with her son, but if you can't go on the field trip, if you can't plan a decent party for Christmas, don't do it. None of the mothers care for her. I would love to do it, but I don't want to be the mother that can't provide the right stuff for the class.

I guess we have always been blessed with good room mothers when Eric was in school that they were spoiled. And, trust me, they were very good. They gave great parties, and were always on top of things. PJ hates the parties, but at least they have them.

Friday morning Chuck didn't have to be at work until 11. I got the notice weeks ago that the vanity plate that I ordered for Chuck was in, but it wasn't going to be available until 12/25. So, I thought I would call the clerks office and see if it was here, and it was. I was so excited. It is part of Chuck's Christmas gift, and I really wanted it here before Christmas. I put it in the mail too late, and I wasn't sure if it would be here before the end of the year. Chuck went to lay down for a while, he wasn't feeling well, and needed to get some rest before going into work. So, I took off in the MB and headed to the court house.

I got there and the woman told me that they never send anything early and that it won't be here. Of course I explained that I already called and it was there. So, she got it, got me a Phillips head screw driver and gave me my plate. I put the new one on, took the old one off, turned in the screwdriver and the old plate and went on my way. I got home and the boys were waiting for me when I got home. I backed the car in so that way Chuck would see it when he left for work.

He left and never noticed it. I had to point it out to him.
You figure it out!"WEARIVED"

See, my days off were busy and full of stuff that had to be done.