Thursday, January 3, 2008

Decorating Graham Cracker houses

On Monday around 8:25 I got a phone call from PJ. They were decorating their graham cracker houses at school at 8:30 and he wanted me to be there. I was in the middle of ironing a shirt for Chuck and really couldn't get there at that time. So, I was going on my way and feeling bad about not going. I was heading out the door and I got another phone call, "Mommy, we are decorating now, can you come to school?" Well, I wasn't doing much, I was only heading to CVS for pictures, that could wait. This was more important. I already had my camera with me, so, I headed to school.

I had a blast! To see all these kids making these little graham cracker houses. They are so creative. Of course the little girls had things in order, candy cane for the door ways. Gumdrops lined up neatly on the roof, redhots on the cookies that are the walkway. They all were so very good. So cute, and you can tell they were all having a good time.
The mothers were then put to work! Ok, that is what we were there for. We put all the houses in the plastic bags, tied them and set them up on the table. All of them looked so nice. I was so impressed with all of them. And I know that they had such a good time.

The kids came in the hallway to get their pictures taken. They lined up and we took their pictures. It was fun. It was great to see the creativity in the children, the fun that they had, and the time that we took as mothers to go and help out.

My Monday continued on, and it turned out to be a very busy Monday, but I expected that. Over the summer I bought several little "photo calendars" from Big Lots. I wanted to do something for the grandparents for Christmas. I priced the photo calendars from Snapfish and from the local CVS and Walgreens. Well, they were a little too pricey for me. I really could afford that, but then that would be the only thing they would get, and I didn't want to spend that much on a calendar. So, I saw at Big Lots the ones that you make yourself, they were $1 each. Oh my goodness, I just had to get them. So, I bought 3. One for my mom, and one for Chuck's mom.

Now, my mom lives in NJ and I had to get her package in the DHL on Monday. I did. It still hasn't gotten there. But I searched forever for pics of the boys for her, and I had to pick and choose only 12. ONLY 12???? That is such a hard thing to do, but I got the ones that I wanted. And I think it came out rather nice.

The calendar for my MIL was a different story. Somehow I had to incorporate all of the grandchildren. Now many months ago I asked my SIL for some pics of her kids. She never got back to me, and I didn't have all that many of the others to pick from, but I did the best I could.
Finally, Monday was over and I could sit down and rest. And then the boys requested dishclothes for their teachers. I crochet fast, but not that fast, I had to boogie. At least I had 2 nights and I had time to sit down.

Thursday was the last day of school, so of course I had to go to PJ's class. Friday brought on new experiences. Saturday brought over a friend for the boys. Sunday was Christmas at Nana's.