Thursday, January 24, 2008

Surprises never cease

I got home from work last night, dreading of all the stuff that was needed to be done. You know, dishes, wash, sweeping. All of it. But I got a surprise that I didn't expect.

Earlier in the day I had asked Chuck to help me make a checklist for the boys in what they can do to help out around the house. Yes, I have complained several times about them not doing anything at all, or passing the buck, and then I end up doing it. I got tired of hearing the lies how they don't make the messes, the other makes it and they just won't clean it up. No matter, in the long run, I ended up with the mess, the cleaning and got tired of hearing the stories.

So, I thought with Chuck's managerial experience that he could help with a checklist for both of the boys. Not something that is everyday, but with things that need to be done weekly, and nightly. I forgot that his computer is not working right and he couldn't do it for me.

Well, I got home last night and was shocked by the greeting that I received from Eric. "I made a chart. For the next 6 weeks I am overtaking all the chores." Why, well his birthday is in 6 weeks and he wants money to buy a PSP. "I have the list on the fridge, and I am gonna do this to help you out."

Now, I orginally thought that Chuck put him up to this. Nope, he didn't. Eric got home from school and went right to his room, did his homework and then started on that. He came out of his room, showed his dad and explained to him what he was planning on doing. Chuck told him that if he did everything like he was planning on doing that he would pay him $30 for the job. Ok, that is far enough. Sweeten the pot a bit.

Now, PJ is a little upset with all of this. His chores have now been taken away by his brother. Ok, I can fix that. There is more than one room in the house. I am sure keeping his room clean and wiping down the sink is something that he can do.

I am not gonna sit around and have them do everything. It is the little things that seem to pile up, that get looked over, that never get done. Those are the things that I need for them to help with. And it seems as if they will be helping with it now. At least I hope they will.

I told Eric this morning that it is a big undertaking that he has taken on. And it is. I didn't expect him to do all of that, I still don't. I just would like for him to clean up some things. We shall see what he does. He still has school, homework, projects, and this, along with the occasionally video game. But he is old enough to help out around the house. With Chuck working 60 - 70 hours a week and me being out of the house for 40 or more a week, they can pitch in and help out.

And it looks like it has sunk into Eric that a little help will make a great difference.