Thursday, January 3, 2008

Our Christmas Eve

I have to say that our Christmas Eve tradition probably doesn't differ from anyone else's Christmas Eve tradition. We are a boring little family, so we don't go too far off course when it comes to Christmas traditions. Except this year there were some changes.

It is usually a very busy day, and this year was no different. I was planning on making some homemade soup for dinner, but Chuck told me that he would bring home dinner. Ok, that works for me. Because I knew what the day was bringing me.

I got up that morning and we went to feed some of our friends pets. And while going there I decided to call Barnes and Noble to see if they have this one book in. Caroline Kennedy's A Family Christmas. They had one left, so of course, I had to go to Chattanooga to get it. Now, I know that getting it after Christmas online would have been cheaper, but Chuck commented after he saw her doing an interview with Tim Russert. I just had to find it.

Finally I get home!!! Yes, rejoice! Only to discover that I have to get the dough done for my dad's cookies. Eric had a cheesecake to make and also another batch of peanut butter fudge. Now I had everything ready to go, everything softened, everything ready to get over and done with. So, I started on the cookies. As previously noted, I don't roll things out very well. Not at all, either I have too much flour or just not enough, so I had to be very careful with what I was doing. I got it all mixed up, looked just like my grandmother's cookies. And I put them in the fridge to chill. Meanwhile, Eric started on the cake. And of course, it had to be his way and not the right way. So, getting him to make it the right way is nearly impossible. But once he figured out that he can't do things his way, then it went a little smoother. He got it done and in the oven, and was very patient when it came time to get it out. Except for one tiny thing, when he was looking in the oven, the door slipped and slammed. Yep, that is one cake that graciously fell.

PJ has this map of where Santa will be around the world. So, along with and the map, we tracked him all afternoon.
It is a good learning experience for him. He would go on Norad then come back to the table to find it on the map. Or he would go in Eric's room and go on the World map and see where Santa would be. Now, Eric had to get in on it too. And it was good for him to look on the map for the places that he has never heard of. And, you know me, well, I had to play along too. It is only fun like that!

Chuck has inventory every Monday night and even though this was Christmas Eve, it didn't matter. He had to do it. They closed at 8 on Christmas Eve. He made sure that the schedule was packed full so that way they could start on the inventory. Of course he came home for a little while and brought the pizza home for dinner, and then let the boys open the gifts that they bought for each other.

Eventually he had to go back to work. He thought that he would be home before they went to bed, but because of a computer glitch, he was a little later than what he had preferred.

So, since he wasn't home, we went on with our storytime. Yes, "The Night Before Christmas" Now this is typically Daddy's job to read this story. And sometimes we read different ones throughout the night, but because someone had to read the Traditional story, we decided just to stick with one. PJ popped up and asked if he could read it this year.

Sure, why not? I don't see a problem. It was fun and different. I thought they would look at me and have me do it like they do everything else. But it was cute. He would read and then show pictures,
he would share and let Eric read some and then had the book to me. He would hold the book up so that way I could see the pictures too. He did a nice job on it, he used expression and read it so nicely. Of course he loves to read, so that was nothing new there.

After they went to bed, I got some more things done. They had placed the cookies and milk out for Santa, and cleared a way for him in the living room. I just organized the chaos and took some last pics for the night. I always take pictures after Santa has been to the house. That way I get to them before the boys do.

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care.

Santa has been here, and had some cookies with milk. He left behind some very nice things for the boys.

Well, another Christmas Eve with more stories and less excitement. It was a busy day, but it was worth it so much. I enjoy this time so much because I know one day, it won't be here. It will be empty in the house and it will be quiet. So, the laughter, the fussing, the clacking coming from the kitchen, right now, I don't mind it. For it will be long gone in no time at all