Thursday, January 3, 2008

Closing night for The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

Last night was closing night and it was a great show! It was a wonderful performance. Now yesterday Chuck went to the 2:30 show and he came home and told me that there were people standing, they brought in 30 extra chairs for all the people that came to that show.All the performances that Eric and I went to, here weren't that many people there. So, I was really surprised to hear of all the people that were there for the afternoon show. I was very glad to hear that too. Not only for PJ but for all that have put so much work into this play. It was a wonderful experience for PJ and for me too. Yes I complained about going to practice until 9 for most nights and then there were the nights that we were there until 10. But PJ never complained once, of course not, he got to stay up until 9 and later on a school night.
While we were waiting for the doors to open, Eric spotted the mailman that delivers to my work. Now, he and I have a connection. He is from Long Island and I am from New Jersey, so we hit it off right away. And he has been a great person. So when I saw him there last night, I was just tickled. Our neighbors were there too.
We got there early due to the fact that I wanted a seat. I was not going to let PJ down, I was going to be there. One of the other mothers and I have become friends, we really enjoyed the times talking during the practices. So, we had sat with each other during the performances. We always sat in the same spot so we changed seating and it was a great spot. I was so glad that we sat there.
We sat and watched the play and enjoyed repeating the lines, listening to the laughter, watching the smiles and loving the chance that our children did have. The chance to make friends and to have fun with all of it, to hear the laughter and to see all the people that came out to see them act, to see the play, to see how much fun they had.

When it was all over, it was time to break down the stage, tear down the curtains, pick off all the tape, move all the chairs out. Everything had to go, everything had to be gone and moved back to the museum. And everyone had to help, so we needed to stay for that before the cast party. PJ had fun doing all of it , he had fun with all the people that were tearing down it all. We stayed for some food, some pics, some smiles and believe it or not, some tears from PJ. That I did not expect, I thought that he would be happy that he had the chance and knew that it was over, I thought that he would realize that he had to say goodbye. But when I thought about it, he worked with these people for 2 months, day after day. Word after word, smile after smile. All those late nights that he had, he was developing friendships. Even though they were some that were older than him, they didn't let that get in the way of them becoming friends.PJ

We all gathered together to eat and have fun. People tried to walk away with my fudge! Too funny! We said our last goodbyes, gave our last hugs and dried some tears. It was hard on me because I knew that PJ was sad, and it hurt to see him that way. I honestly didn't expect that from him, I didn't think that was gonna happen. But then what do you expect from a loving child, someone that is very affectionate and outgoing.

Several gave out cards and gifts. The lovely woman that played mother made ornaments for all of them. One made pictures for all of them and some handed out cards. All very thoughtful people. You seem to forget in a world today that there are nice people still out there.

After getting home,PJ was still crying. I got him calmed down for bed.And he wanted to read for a while. I let him unwind for a little while. I went his room to ask about the program. He told me that he should have had everyone sign his program. Well, he is in for a surprise at Christmas, I bought him the book and had them all sign it for him. So many told me it was a great idea. They loved the thoughtfulness and the idea.

PJ wants to keep an eye open for more plays now. The Missoula Children's Theater will be in town in March and they both want to try out for that too.

Never know, this may be a thing that PJ really wants to pursue.

I am proud of him