Thursday, January 24, 2008


It snowed! Yes, it snowed!!! I am so excited that it snowed. If you haven't figured it out yet, it snowed and I just love, love, love snow!

I lived in New Jersey for 22 years. I loved the winters up there. Yes, they were rough, but the snow was great. I didn't care if we had snowdays, I was one of those very strange children that actually liked going to school. We lived 2 blocks from the ocean and for us to even get 6 inches of snow was a miracle, but we would sit out there with a ruler and wax the sled getting ready for the snow. It is a part of me and I love it.

Fast forward about 100 years, I am here in southeast Tennessee. Why? Well, that is beyond me. But I am here and I don't mind for the most part living here. But what I do mind is that we don't get a lot of snow. So, when it does snow, I am absolutely beside myself. I am like a big kid, I never had the chance to be a kid, so I make up for it now in life.

It started snowing last night about 6 or so, we just got done with our walk, and I noticed on the windshield that it was snowing. Not much, but just enough to notice it. I got home, parked close enough to the MB to where the windshield won't be covered in the morning and then it started. I was sitting on the couch, looking out the window and the flakes were getting bigger and multiplying by the minute. Oh it was so pretty. I was just too excited. So, I called for PJ to come outside and just look at it, I was tickled. It was snowing!

Eventually, I had to take pics. Only to prove to people that it does snow down here, although occasionally.

So, we are watching the news and the weather updates and they are saying that it will snow for a while, it was not sticking to anything but the grass, and that the sleet then rain was to move in. Ok, even though it was just a little bit of snow, it was still snow, and we got it.

It started to rain before we even got in bed, so I knew that it would be gone by morning. They had already several school closings before 10 and there was that feeling that we would have no school either. Even though the school director knew yesterday afternoon that it was turning over to rain, he still decided to close school.

Eric was up at 5:30, wanting to have snow on the ground to play in. PJ was up at 6, hoping that there was snow on the ground too. But it was gone. It rained nearly the rest of the night, the temperature did not go below freezing, so you would figure that kids go to school in the rain all the time, so what is the difference today. To let them play in the snow? What snow? It was gone.

I got up to find out was going on. Eric is freaking out, he can't find anything on tv or on the computer if there was school or not. I just called the school transportation and found out that there wasn't any school. Nope, not today. So, now the ordeal of what to do with the boys.

Eric is at home, wanting to be here. PJ is here with me on the computer. I don't think Tennessee gets it. Snow day means that there is more than a trace of snow on the ground. Not rain, not drizzle, not wind. Snow. This has happened before and it is irritating. If they aren't going to be in school, there better be snow on the ground for them to play in. The kids are bored, they can't go outside due to the rain, so they sit in the house. Or at work with me. Either way, this one should have been thought out a little better.