Thursday, January 3, 2008

Looking back, no regrets. Looking forward to a New Year

I have spent the day with the boys and I guess that is more important today than a blog. But they are on the PS2 and forgot that mom is even alive, so I am taking my turn in the Goodbyes of 2007.

Funny, just 8 years ago at this time we weren't sure if the computers were gonna crash at midnight. Looking at 01-01-00 was strange. But as the decade has moved on, so have we.

I have ZERO regrets this year. I have been so very blessed over this year. And I look forward to another year of love, blessings, FRIENDS, and of course, my beloved family. Another year older, another year of watching my boys grow and learn, another year, hopefully, with a dad that I am trying to mend past years, another year with Chuck.

I don't care for resolutions. I have never kept one. Yes, we all know that I need to take off many pounds, but I will do that little by little this year. I am not going to kill myself to keep some resolution. But I do hope that over the year I teach the boys to eat healthier, to help others more, to know that voluneteering is something that just doesn't have to happen at Thanksgiving and Christmas, but throughout the year. It doesn't matter if it is at the Food Bank or at the local, non-profit animal shelter.

I want Eric to cook more, so, I just have to let go of the reigns in the kitchen and let him in. Ok, that may not be easy, but it will be something that is good for him, very good for him, and good for me too. Learning to let go.

For PJ, I don't know what is in store for him. He got some very nice art sets for Christmas and I know that he has a talent somewhere under there and I would love for them to come to surface this coming year. I also would like to get him more involved in theater, he loves it and he has taking a true liking for it.

For all of us, eat better, laugh louder, smile more, love harder. Give back to the environment. I have to thank Johanna for opening my eyes to several things. Whole Foods, recycled stuff, giving back to the world around us instead of taking from it. I starting using the recycled bags for my groceries. I want all of us to use more organic safe products than chemicals. To take a trip to the GreenLife once a month will be one the list for us.

The more important things in life are in order for this coming year. Why? Well, why blow away a chance for the boys to be boys? Why look back at another year saying "I should have done this or that"? Why regret anything? I don't this year, and I hope that next year brings the same.
I know there will be tears of joy and of sorrow. I know there will be words said that shouldn't be said. I know there will be things that will come out of nowhere. But I am ready to take them head on.

I want to get closer to God. I want to be a better mother, a better wife, a better daughter, a better DIL. But I also want to take the time to pamper ME! I have given so much to everyone, so it is my turn. Not going to neglect anyone this year. But to take better care of me. Bubble baths, foot soaks, highlights in my hair, and yes, get in somewhat better shape than what I am in now.

Maybe sew more, maybe craft more. Hopefully read a lot more. More little roadtrips for us. More pictures, more memories. That is what life is all about, isn't it? Memories, not only for me but more importantly for the boys. Because what is life without the wonderful, fun memories of a simple childhood.

Organization is another. There are days that I just can't find jack! But that will come when I put my mind to it.

So, after all my ranting, I lift my glass to you all. The blessings you have brought to me are overwhelming. Thank you for all that you have brought into my life. Just a simple card in the mail, that smile with the comments.

Happy New Year to all! May you be blessed richly!