Thursday, January 3, 2008

Christmas Day!

Let's get onto Christmas and our day. Our kids are a little different than the normal child. How so you may ask? Well, they wake up whenever they want to, like 7:30 or later. They don't go running through the house at 5 waking the entire family up, they don't spy in the room to see if Santa came. Generally, we are up before they are. Now, that is strange! One year it was after 8 and my dad called to see if the kids were ready for him to come over, we were all still in bed.

This year was no different. Chuck and I were up about 7, got our coffee and waited for the boys to get up. It wasn't too much longer that they got up, and then the fun began.

Let's see what Santa got us first. Well, you saw already. PJ was so excited, Santa told him that he may leave him a special surprise and he did!! HE DID!!! He left him 2 Webkinz instead of just one. And Eric got a surprise too, he also got 2 Webkinz. Now, yes, I know Eric is 12, but he loves to play on the website with PJ. They interact together. And trust me there are things out there that I just don't want him getting involved in.

PJ played Santa, until the tree came crashing down again.
So, he sorted and looked through and shook while he was passing things out. That is always fun. Chuck got behind the tree to get out stff for me. I had some fairly large boxes. I didn't care if I got anything, but he went out and spent too much money, as usual.

The boys are so very patient. They wait until all the gifts are passed out and then they open what they have. It is fun to watch them tear into the stuff. And oh the mess, well, that is part of it for all of us.

Eric got some really nice things this year. Every year, he gets nice things. I went a bit overboard this year though. It is ok, not like they get stuff like this all the time. He got a really cool MP4 player, VT jacket, American car puzzle, movies, video games, personalized pens and pencils, and a few other things.

PJ got a bunch of things too. He is my budding artist, so he got 2 art sets with sketch and drawing pads, TV History puzzle, movies, video games, personalized pencils, speciality teas, Sorry the game, Electronic Monopoly, some kind of Rudolph games, Harry Potter the set, and lots of other things.

Chuck, well, he doesn't care if he gets anything. But I always seem to find something for him. Last year when we went to Dauphin Island there wasn't a grill for us to use. We had to go to the next town over on the main land and get a cheap little kettle grill. So, when I was shopping in October I found this Fold and Go grill. Cool! It holds up to 15 burgers, it has it's own carrying case, and I thought it was a good gift. We are going somewhere on vacation that has a grill, so that may have been a waste. I like to buy him books. You have to understand Chuck, he is borderline genius. His IQ is around 180. So, buying him books, that is always the safe way to go. He prefers literature, but I did that last year. Of course I was down in Chattanooga on Monday buying him that one book, and there were several others that I knew he would like and enjoy.

Me, well, I am typing on it right now. Along with a new sewing machine and new crockpot that he broke over the summer. I am happy with what I have, a little disappointed that he went out and spent that much, but there is no use complaining at all. So, why bother! Yes, I look wonderful!

This year was a huge Christmas. It is always a good time with family. I don't think Eric even got out of his sweat pants at all. Neither did I. My dad and his wife came over for dinner. I have a very nice ham, some pototoes that Lisa told me that I just had to make, green beans, homemade rolls that my dad made. A cheesecake that Eric made, a chocolate cake that my dad made for Chuck, the cookies that I made for my dad, and of course peanut butter fudge. It was good eating at this house. Chuck told me that my dad went back for more of the potatoes, and if I told him what was in it, well, he or she would not have gone back for 3rds! To top off the evening, my dad and Bonnie played Sorry with PJ, it was cute to hear them in here playing the game. I should have gotten some pics, but shame on me, I was not getting up. I was tired from cooking all day long.

I love Christmas, I love the holidays. I love the chance to have this time in my life to spend with Chuck, the boys, and the family. I treasure these moments forever. And I know that the memories for the boys will be lasting ones.