Friday, January 25, 2008

The most recent project

My next project was going to be the quilt for PJ, but the beloved child informed me last night when I picked him up that he would be attending the lock-in at church tonight.

Ok, so that is one less child that I have to deal with tonight. Eric and I can start a puzzle or something. Or maybe even play some video games. So, I thought that he could go and have some fun with his friends from school and church.

I had to stop and think what he needed to bring with him, pillow, blankets, pajamas, toothbrush. But with it being so cold here lately, I don't think his short pajamas will be of much assistance to him. Now what? I know, make his lounge pants. But I didn't have anything done, pattern not cut out, material not iron, hadn't read the instructions, nothing. Oh it was gonna be a busy night.

First of all, I wanted meatloaf for tonight, and the best thing for me to do was to make it last night, but I had to go out and get bread crumbs. Then help Eric with his homework, help PJ with his extra vocabulary, math corrections, spelling, and whatever else needed to get done. Not to mention that I had to help clean up the mess from where Eric made biscuits. It was just too much to do for all of us in a matter of hours. But we all got done and I found a spot to cut the pattern and then pin the pants.

I followed the instructions with mass confusion, but once I got the inside seams done and had my hands on it, I figured it out. The way that these pants were made they didn't have an outside seam, just the inside one. So, I had to make them differently than what I was used to before.

Got them put together, and then create the waistband. Not too hard, I sat and watched the debate while pinning that. At 9:48 I got up from the couch, turned the iron on, set up the board and was pressing the area that was to be sewn. At 10:05, I was sitting at the machine sewing the waistband. At 10:15 I found some elastic, pinned it and started working that through, until the pin decided to open in the middle of the waistband. NUTS ! I had to open that up and secure the pin, gee whiz, what an ordeal. I was only hoping and praying that they fit fine, and that I wouldn't have to do much of anything else in the waistband. I finally put it down and went to bed.

PJ tried them on this morning and they fit! Yes, they fit! So today at lunch I will be heading to the house, and put in the hem. Perfect! And another project checked off the list. It didn't take all that long to do. I am glad that they are done, that way he has something warm to wear tonight, but they are lounge pants for him around the house.

Mmmmmm, I may have to make me a pair too. It was really that easy!