Thursday, January 3, 2008

Christmas with the family

For the last 3 years we have been going to the in-laws either on Christmas Eve or the 23rd to celebrate with the entire family. It seemed to make it easy when we started. I know that the boys love to sit around and play with their gifts and not have to go to Nana's at noon. So, between my SIL and myself, we thought that it would be best to go over before Christmas. That way we all get together and have somewhat of a good time.

This year we went over on Sunday. I planned on bringing the meat tray and some different salads. Ok, so I got Eric involved in this one. I didn't want to make anything much, considering that on Monday I would be making all kinds of stuff for Christmas dinner and desserts, and my dad's cookies. I got Eric in the kitchen and told him what he was to make and make something that would really knock their socks off. I had all the major stuff done, he had to mix and taste.

He started out with egg salad, put the egg in the slicer 2 ways and got started. A little of this and that, a sprinkle of this, and a dash of that. It was very good. On to the next item for dinner, tuna salad. So, I chopped the celery, and he drained the juice and kept that aside and went on his way. Turned out to be a better tuna salad than mine! I need to keep my secrets to myself! LOL. And then he made something that neither one of us ever made before, chicken salad. I told him how to break up the chicken and then to go on with what he wanted in there. I put some chopped Black walnuts, and he mixed other stuff in it. Very good, and I was very proud to eat what he made.

We were the first ones there, and we had to sit and wait until everyone else decided to show up. I told Chuck next year, we should just wait until the rest get there and then show up. But we waited and played football and chit chatted with them family. It was ok, thankfully everyone else showed up withen the hour. I don't think we could handle too much more of the boredom.

So, the kids sorted out gifts, opened, fought over things, yelled at each other. You know how it goes with cousins. But they had fun with things. It was a good time by all. The kids each got some nice gifts and they had fun when they got outside to play flag football.

I got my FIL another book, something about the "Strange People, Places and Things in Tennessee." I buy him books, because I really think that he appreciates the thought that someone looks down on him due to the lack of education. Yes, I can buy him stuff for the car, but he seems to enjoy a simple book. And in turn, he picked out a book for Eric. And I think that if it wasn't for me putting so much interest in him with books, he wouldn't have picked out something like that for Eric. And I was very pleased that he did that. It meant a lot to me, but I think it means a lot to him too. He calls PJ the bookworm, and that he never has seen a child so happy to receive a book. And that is PJ, he loves to get books, and to get him to get rid of them is like pulling teeth.

That is Chuck's BIL checking out the book that I bought for my FIL.

Eric received several nice things. Like I said, my FIL picked out a very nice cookbook for Eric. He also got the UT sweatshirt, and some Atlanta Falcon stuff. He was happy! PJ didn't get too many different things. But he did get the entire series of Lemony Snickett Unfortunate Events. And he was beside himself! This is the first full series that he has ever gotten and he went nuts over it. He also got a cute red sweatsuit, he looks like a Santa's helper when he wears it.

I made blankets for the kids.

My MIL, well, I got her an angel and a calendar, just like the one that I made for my mom. She loved it. Now her grand-daughters bought her a set from Victoria's Secret.

It was a very nice bath set, they only requested that she not carry the purse around in public. I can see why they asked that, but it was a nice set that she did receive. I wish she would tell me what to get for her, because I would make sure she got something that she would like. At that age to get something that you really need is always nice.

Dinner was good. Chuck told his BIL, Odas, that not only did Eric make the peanut butter fudge, but that he made all the salads too. He looked at Chuck and questioned him about him having help. No help from me, he just tasted and added like he has seen us do in the past. He was very impressed that a 12 year old made such delicious salads.

And Chuck's other sister's boyfriend, who does some caterering, was extremely impressed that he made it too. I am proud of Eric. He has watched and paid attention on how we make things, and he has learned what things need to taste like. How things should look and when something needs some flavor, he knows what it needs.

It was a nice afternoon. We were glad that we got to go and be able to spend time as a family on Christmas morning.

Chuck got a phone call the next morning. He and Odas had tried to get my FIL to let them move a TV that was bought for Adrienne. He was stubborn and told them that he would get it. He is 65 and it would be easier for the 2 of the men to move it than for him to move it alone. So, when he moved it, his thumb got stuck between the TV box and the post on the porch. Ended up in the ER that night. We were behind my SIL and her family when we left, they turned around and it was then that they realized that he was hurt and had to go to the ER. They told him there that if it was just an 8th of an inch more, it would require surgery. He cut it straight to the bone. Stubborn, runs in the family!