Saturday, November 1, 2008

It's Halloween!

Ok, I am a day late with this, but by the time I got to the computer last night, I was too tired to even blog about anything. I was too stinkin' tired.

I had to be at work yesterday at 11 and I was hoping that I would get out of there on time to have some time with the boys. I was scheduled out at 6, I worked the night before until 8, I was only to be there until 6. But because of scheduling, I stayed until 8. Being Halloween and being a Friday, we all thought that we were gonna be busy. I had my moments, I worked alone until 3 and then they started piling in. By 5 we had 6 drivers on and only 2 deliveries, not good. I never saw the screen get filled up, I never saw more than 5 on the screen at once. So, at 6:30, I left.

Now, I called my dad earlier to have him take the boys to Trunk or Treat. If you don't know what this is, it is where people get together, decorate their trunks and give out candy, puzzles, or whatever. We have gone the last 3 years, it is a safe environment for the kids, they have food, and inflatables there. So, they have fun. I wanted them to go there too. My dad said that he would take them, little did I know the hell that I would catch for letting them go there. This is from a Church of God in town. They sponser this and they always do a good job.

But #1, Eric was dressed as the Emperor of Evil. A costume that had purple and a silly little necklace, nothing evil about it. PJ was Dracula, again, and he did his own makeup, I should have gotten a pic, but I didn't. Too cute. But my dad's wife wasn't all too happy with the "scary" costumes or the music, Christian rock, that was being played at the Trunk or Treat, or the layout of the entire thing. Christians celebrating Halloween, how could they? We don't celebrate anything, we go and have fun, collect candy and then go through all that we got.

They got home right before I left work. That didn't take long! So, after meeting up with Chuck (read the blog before this one) I got home, and then took them to the mall. Now, the mall is a great place. South Cleveland COG and Westwood Baptist get together and have all kinds of things for the kids to do. The stores at the mall give out candy too. So, by the time you walk the mall, you have a bag full of goodies. You name it, we got it. M & M's, Mr Goodbars, twix, and other things. It is a fun, safe place for the kids to go, a little busy. But at least they are safe, having fun and enjoying their time.

I go through this every year. I catch all kinds of grief for taking the kids trick or treating. But like my friend said, all the other holidays that are "religious" started out as pagan holidays. This isn't a holiday, this is a day when kids have fun.