Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Look what I got!

Ok, before posting any pics about what I got. I need to tell you a story first. Not a long one, but still in all, a story.

When my dad moved down here in 2001, I spotted this fabulous dough board that I just loved. I told him that when he dies I was getting that board. He did everything on that dough board. All of his pie doughs, bread doughs, cookies, pierogi dough, babka dough and whatever else he made. He used that board all the time. I loved it, and I wanted it.

He bought himself a very nice bread machine, so, he didn't use that board as much. I asked and asked for it, but he didn't want to give it up. He still made pierogis and babkas, so he "kneaded" it. Ha ha, a little baker's humor.

Yesterday we went on our shopping trip. This time it was my turn to drive. He got over to the house, grabbed a cup of coffee, moved his car, got his bags and waited on me. I got out there and got everything in the car, ready to go. He told me, "there is something in the back seat for you." Ok, I thought he was talking about my car. I have the Pizza Hut topper in the back of my car. But he was talking about his car, he unlocked the door and I went to the car to find this:

I was so excited! I couldn't wait to get it in the house, but we had to go shopping. All the way down he told me how he made it. Not to use any water on it, don't cut any meats on it, only use it for dough and that is all. He told me how he bought a small sander, sanded it, and then the thing blew up on him. He took that back to the store. He told me how he got the wood for this too. He said that he was talking to the man at Home Depot, the one that sells the heating units, he had some wood from New Zealand that was left over and asked if my dad wanted it. He won't turn down anything like that. He would find something to do with it and he did.

He told me what happened to his. Turns out, his fell apart. He had it for years, but the craftsmanship wasn't his up to his standard. It lasted a long time and he used it many times.

Now I have some dough boards, but they aren't like this one. They are a lot thinner and they are good for somethings, but this one is flush with the countertop and I don't have to lean over and hurt my back making things.

On our way home from Publix we stopped at the restaurant supply store. Oh my goodness, I was like a kid in a candy store! It was AWESOME! But I found a really nice dough scraper. So that way I don't have to use anything else on this board.

He told me "It is made out of love." I know that. He will be 70 next week, and I know that he worked really hard on this. This is something that will be around long after I am gone too.