Saturday, November 1, 2008

Just Aggravated

I have been with Pizza Hut for 4 months now. I enjoy the job and getting out from behind a desk. I work my butt off too, but in the end, the tips are nice and the people are fun to see. I meet all kinds of people, and well, see all things too! HA HA

Anyway, yesterday I found out that my boss is willing to train a 17 year old girl for the next shift manager's position. What a minute, that was supposed to be for me! This girl can't make change in her head, she can't operate a computer well, she can prep stuff, but she has a hard time doing things in the store and is not very good with the customers. So, what in the world is going on? I don't know.

I went to Chuck yesterday, crying and fussing about all of this. I was so mad, and so hurt over this that I just wanted to cry and that was it. But I had to get the boys to the mall, and I didn't have time to feel sorry for myself, I had to go.

Well, he knows how hard I work, he knows that I can handle this stuff, he knows that I will pull this into shape. But that is not what my boss wants. She doesn't want any feathers ruffled, any waves made or any employees unhappy. So, she gets these ideas that she can have this people in there that do the job as lazy and sloppy as can be and then complains about it. I will make waves, I will ruffle the feathers, I will tell the employees what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. I am not a drill seargent, but I have worked in the 'real world' I know what it is like to work a job and to impress people. Get to work on time, leave on time, don't take breaks that are too long. I don't stand around chomping the bit while others work, I work. I work my butt off too. But that didn't impress my boss. Ok, so now what. I was told a month ago that she could train me and then ship me to another store or she can get me through my books and have me when she is ready. I will stay a driver if that is the case. I am not leaving town because she doesn't need me right now, can't afford me, or just doesn't want me. That hurts and it is very hard on me. I am 41, and looks like I will be delivering for the rest of my life.

Chuck knew all night that this was bothering me, and it still does. So what do I do? I wait, I work, I learn all that I can learn. I can watch and observe all that is going on. And if by February or March, I am still there, I want to do this shift manager thing, and maybe work up to an asst manager, then I will go to their boss and talk to him about it. Chuck is more comfortable with me driving, I do well at it, customers love me, they request that I deliver. But the fact of the matter is, you look at a slow girl for a manager's position, when you have someone that will do the job, will do it the right way, and will make a difference.

I believe she has given up on the store and let the prisoners run the show. That is fine. I will take the experience, but don't ask me for help, don't ask me to do any extra work, don't ask me for anything. I am a driver, and that is all there is to it. Find someone else that is willing to cover for someone else, I am not gonna be available when you call anymore. She has other plans and, well, I have a life.


Johanna said...

Do you think that maybe she feels that you'd overstep her and end up being promoted above her someday and that if she keeps you at your current position, you don't step on her toes?

Just a thought. Maybe she feels she can be a boss to those who are easy to yell at, or structure. You have your ways and perhaps she'd feel intimidated by you. That may not be the case, but is probably a good indicator of her choosing someone younger and a lot less experienced than you.

I'd be pissed, too. What did Chuck say other than he likes you delivering?

But you're right. I wouldn't do a damn thing for her if she needed me to stay late, etc. Unbelievable!