Friday, November 14, 2008

The many school projects so far

We have been busy with all kinds of school projects. Eric has had some fun with his, they are more detailed oriented and gives him a challenge too.

When school started I knew that we would have some projects, I just didn't expect to have so many this far into the school year. So, let's start with Eric.

Eric's Geography class had to draw a map from home to school. He had to have the route that we take everyday to school. Ok, not too bad, but he wanted to add more to it. The first draft came out ok, but Eric started to color the streets black, and made a complete mess of it. So, I sketched out another one, showed him how to do the streets and gave him places that the landmarks are at. He had to have a compass rose on it and a key of what everything was. He got 103 on it. The teacher was very pleased with the amount of work he did put into this.

Eric also had a car to make in Engineering Tech (shop) class. He had so much fun with this. He got the wood and drew out what he wanted. This was the class that Chuck went to help out at. He helped them cut the cars out and then the kids would bring them home to sand and paint. In the long run, Eric's came out pretty cool.

Add wheels to it, and he was on his way. They put an airgun in the back of it and shot it on to a strip. His did pretty good, got another 100 on that too.

Ok, so now the fun one for all of us to see how it works. Eric came home a few weeks ago and told us that he had a project for Science class. Ok, what can this be???? A rubberized egg. He was so excited that he had to start it right away. He had a paper that he had to follow the instructions on and to list all that he saw happening to the egg. Use vinegar, what kind, what kind of egg.... you know, they want all details.

So he started it, observed it, kept notes on it. Didn't follow directions all the way through and tried to bounce it. SPLAT! That one didn't work. I missed it, I was at work, but I did think it was rather funny. Now, let's start all over again and follow all of the directions. This time he did, observed it, bagged it up, took it to school and was the first one in his class to turn it in. It wasn't due until the 10th, but he was so excited that he had to turn it in. They bounced it 5 cm at a time, his bounced all the way from a 25 cm drop and SPLAT, but this time it was in a baggie, sealed up, no mess to clean up. Once again, another 100 for another project.

PJ has had 2 projects so far this year, and I do think that is all he will have. The first was the cell. I know that when Eric did it, we used pizza dough and all the stuff from pizza that made up the cell. All the other kids had done the styrofoam ball, cut it out and did what they wanted to. And every year, I would see the same thing. So, when it came to PJ's turn, I really didn't want him to do what every other kid did. So, that is why the jello came into play. He did a good job on it, got a good grade and it was rather different. Unlike the little boy that printed a copy off the internet.

And lastly, PJ had to make an instrument for music class. Things don't change much in school. I am prepared for the upcoming projects, because I already know what to expect. PJ came home all excited about this one, "Oh I have to make a rain stick" Well, great, now what??? I found a cylinder at work and the one manager told me how to make it, easy enough. Just getting the nails through this thick cardboard was a kicker! PJ had the easy part, pour rice in there, seal it up, and wrap paper around it. Nothing special, but it was kinda cool. He came home and said there were so many cool things. But his was the only rain stick that worked right!

So far, that is all they have done. They have kept me busy with all of this, but I have fun with them. I am sure there will be more to come.


Johanna said...

Sounds like fun! I love seeing children's minds at work.

Good jobs!