Thursday, November 13, 2008

My date with my dad

For the past several months, my dad and I head to Publix in Chattanooga for our shopping. It started out once a month and now we go every other Monday. I like it, it is time together and time for us to just talk about anything. We have a good time.

This past week we hit Sam's and then went shopping. He goes his way, I go mine and in the end, we always meet up.

But as we were talking on Monday, I realized that when Sam's and Publix come to Cleveland, there goes our dates. There goes our shopping trips. Although I love the fact that both stores will be coming to town, I know that our time together like that will come to an end. So, I have to make the most of it while I can.

When we were driving down the road this time, my dad asked if I had ever been to Robbinsville NC. I told him that I hadn't, but may take the boys for a ride one day out there. He mentioned that he and his wife were gonna go Monday, just for a cup of coffee and a nice ride. I thought that was nice, it isn't all that far and just to get out of the house for a little while together is fun. But when we got back to the house, he asked, "Are you off Monday?" And I usually am and of course next week I am off Monday. But I didn't want to break it to him that I didn't want to go anywhere with his wife, so I didn't push the issue. But he told me that if he could get everything together, he and I will go for coffee to Robbinsville NC, leave about 8:30and be back by about 1. Well, that was nice of him to offer. He said, "don't call the house asking about it, I don't want any trouble for going anywhere with you." That is fine, I won't call and ask, I will just plan on going with him and my handy, dandy camera.

Hopefully, we will be able to keep our monthly trips to where ever when the stores open in town.