Thursday, November 13, 2008

PJ and Chorus

Oh I am so proud of PJ and his love for chorus. He makes sure that every Friday he is there on time for practice. He walks around the house singing the songs that he has learned and loves what he is doing. What he doesn't realize is that this opens the door for him to join choir and drama in Middle School. This is a good opportuntity for him.

Well, I worked last night and got home after they went to bed. I know that PJ is not a sleeper right away, so I knew that he was up. I walked down the hallway, asked him if he was still awake and I get this bright eyed response --- "Oh yes mommy! But I have to ask you a question."

Ok, I am game, "What is it buddy?" "Well, I don't know if I want to try out for Santa or sing a solo. What do you think?" I told him that either one would be great to get and that maybe he should try out for both, just in case he didn't get the other. He said, "I asked Mrs. James if she could wait until Monday for my decision, that I had to talk it over with you before I decided on anything." HA HA! I love it. We did talk, and when I finally got out of his room, "Mommy, thanks for the advice, I knew you would have the right answer." Now, he knows that if he doesn't get a part this year, that next year he stands a better chance at it, because he will be in 5th grade.

But, deep down inside, I hope he gets something. I will let y'all know what happens with this part of his very busy life!


Johanna said...

Isn't it nice that he's thinking about things like that instead of the larger issues in life? Those are the larger issues in his life!

That means you and Chuck are doing a wonderful job of raising a great kid!