Friday, November 28, 2008

Gobble til ya Wobble!

Happy Thanksgiving y'all!

Oh my, I love this time of year. Thanksgiving has got to be my most favorite holiday. I love cooking for all, getting the table decorated and using the good dishes. You know those dishes that you only use once or twice in a lifetime. I try to use ours more than that a year.

We got up and had breakfast. And then get the turkey started. I don't do turkey. I let Chuck have some hand in Thanksgiving, so he is in charge of that and the dressing. I don't do dressing only because I just can't make the stuff. I have once or twice, but other than that, nope. I had the cornbread already made.

We got the turkey out, washed up and seasoned up. Ok, so this year we wanted a Cajun turkey. Fine with me, the spicier the better, but since we were feeding the rest of the family, it was better that we don't make it too spicy. I have another turkey in the freezer, that one will be spicy for all of us.

He sprayed it with cooking spray so it wouldn't stick to the bag. Put it in the bag and let it go. He made some dressing, fresh sage and homemade cornbread, very good. Got that in the pan, and his turn for cooking was done.

Everything was ready to go at 1. We had the potatoes nice and warm. Sweet potatoes in crockpot #1 and green beans in crockpot #2. Relish out, butter softened. Rolls cooked and ready to go. Everything was out and now let's eat!
The kids in one room Photobucket. Ah the good ole days.... Photobucket Photobucket
The others in the kitchen
My father-in-law asked for more mac and cheese. It was the pototoes, but I guess there was enough cheese in them for anyone to think they were mac and cheese. Now all that was left was the mess that needed to be cleaned up, a little game of football

, a little time with cousinsPhotobucket, a cup of coffee and dessertPhotobucket, conversation with parents , and a time to smile and rest Photobucket

Nap time! Clean up, go home and go back for more.