Thursday, November 20, 2008

PJ's addiction

Funny, ever since my dad moved down here I see the boys eat more things that are different to the area. PJ is the one that will try something and then end up liking it. He loves Boar's Head mustard and potato chips. He and my dad will go through a 1/2 bag in no time. But they have to be kettle chips, they can't be the ruffles.

When my dad moved down here 7 years ago, he brought some foods with him that were different. He would go to NYC and get a kielbasa, the real thing. Oh my, PJ went nuts over that. He loves pierogies, that is my kid, and he realized that he loves Photobucket

My dad brought it over once, a few years ago. Now, no one else liked it, but PJ and I ate it up. Then I started finding this at The Fresh Market. I bought it a few times and then forgot about it.

A few weeks ago at Publix, while I was getting the lunch meat, there it was Photobucket

Oh my goodness, I had to buy it. I just had to get it. Ok, so I buy it, tell him about it when he gets home, Eric snarls his nose at it, Chuck says "I don't see the big deal." PJ is on the floor begging for a piece. "Please make some for breakfast for me, please. I will pay anything." Not a problem, I know he likes the stuff. But little did I know how much.

The following week, I am at the deli again, and decided again that it was not a big deal for me to buy more Taylor Ham or Pork Roll. Depending on where you are from in NJ, is what you call it. I am from the middle of the state, so I call it either one. Anyway, I get home, PJ gets home and starts looking for it. He knew I went shopping and he knew what I was buying.

Well, last week I decided that I was not gonna buy any Taylor Ham this week. But I spotted the box in with the breakfast meats. I went ahead and bought that. PJ, once again, came home and started rummaging through the drawer looking for "his" Taylor Ham. I showed him the box and he commented, "all mine!" How funny is that!

Ok, so it is a Jersey thing. Along with Freeman's Bakery with their powdered sugar crumb cakes, butterscotch krimpets and Tastykakes, don't forget real salt water taffy from Atlantic City. I know that I miss all that stuff, but it is fun to find that stuff around here and introduce them to the family.

I really think that PJ would be very happy with the foods in NJ. And he is ready to try some new things.


Elaine said...

I love hearing stories about kids trying new foods. Gillian is getting to that point as well, willing to taste new foods. She had guacamole for the first time on vacation and loved it! I was very surprised.
And isn't funny how those foods we loved in our hometowns or foods we identify with childhood make us so happy?? I'm so glad you can share them with PJ!