Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Through Eyes that don't look at skin color

I am warning y'all up front, this isn't gonna be pretty. If you don't want to read it, just go on your way, no hard feelings. But I have something to say, and after what I saw this morning, I am gonna say it.

#1 I voted for Barack Hussain Obama. You know the middle name is just a name, no one knew anything of Saddam Hussain when his parents picked that name for him. It is just a name, just coincedence that his middle name is the same as a very evil man. One has nothing to do with another. His name is not Osama Bin Laden, not Saddam Hussain. He is an American, he is a smart man, and even though he is liberal, he will bring about change in this country.

#2 For the stupid ass, inconsiderate, idiot that took a knife to my sign, I know you aren't reading this because your intelligence level not even on the radar. How dare you come into my yard and tear up a sign stating whom I support.
You didn't go anywhere else on this street and do it, but you thought it was ok to show your displeasure of my choice for President and tear it up. What era do you live in? What decade are you from? What is next? Burning a cross in my front yard?????? This is the year 2008, we don't live in the 60's or even the 70's, we don't have separate water fountains or eating places anymore. We are one nation. Everyone has a right to their opinion, mine is that I support Obama/Biden.
Grow up! Accept the fact that a black man may be our next President, accept the fact that all races have the right to set a goal and reach for it, accept the fact that you are not the only race out there. All you see is that he is a black man. All you see is that he will enslave the white race, all you know is the garbage that you hear, that you read on the internet, all you know is that having a black man as the President is not right.

#3 If Barack Obama wins, can you imagine the doors that will be open for other races to run for President. What I am wondering is this... If Bobby Jindal, Republican governor of Louisana, an American with Indian parents, and I mean, Hindu parents, decides to run for President, will the same jackasses come in my yard and tear that sign up too. Even though he is a very conservative Republican, does the color of his skin mean that he can't become President.

#4 I don't care who I upset because I voted for Obama. He is not a Muslim. Don't you think that would have leaked out somewhere down the line that he prayed everyday on his prayer mat, don't you think that someone would have said something about his religious veiwpoints. No, I don't agree with Jerimiah Wright, but who are we to judge? Doesn't the Bible say "Judge not, lest ye be judged."

Now, why did I vote for Obama, ok, so what he is a black man, with a funny name. I voted for him because I don't care for McCain. Sarah Palin scares me to death. For those of you that have sent me the emails about a friend of "Sara" Palin, if they were any kind of friend, she would have known to spell her name the right way. I am tired of Bush style Economics. I am scared that we will go so far to the right. You know, if Obama wins, and we go so far to the left, at least in 4 years the Republicans can win back that seat.

I know that Obama is liberal, but there are things in this world that we need to make our own choices. He isn't teaching 5 year olds about sex, that was taken all out of context. I think overturning Roe v. Wade is a mistake. I don't support abortion at all. But if my state of TN decides that they will not allow abortions, then they go to GA. Or worse yet, the back alleys again. What if a woman's life depended on it and she had to choose to either die or give her child life? She chooses her own life, but knows there is no way for her to live, she dies because the state didn't allow it. Or if she could get one, she is heartbroken everyday that she decided to live, but not let her child live. She has to live with that.
I had the option to abort PJ because of the problems that he could potentially have. I didn't, I let the Lord handle him. And we all know the outcome there.

I voted for Obama because of the fact that he is down to earth, a real human being. "My friends" ----- How do you call me friend Sen. McCain? Do you know anything about me, do you know anything about what I have gone through this year, do you know anything about the family on the other side of town that lost their house because they lost a job and couldn't pay the payment, they live on one paycheck, off of foodstamps, live on handouts. Are they your friend sir? Do you know their name? Do you know the problems that they have been through? You call us your friend, how can we be your friend when you haven't paid a lick of attention to us, to the need in the nation, to the "fundamentally strong economy".

As for the taxes that Barack Obama will raise for people that make over $250K. Ya know what Joe the Plumber.... YOU CAN AFFORD TO PAY YOUR TAXES if you make that much money. If you bring in that much money, quit living above your means, and pay your damn taxes like the rest of us. The middle class gets hit so hard. We are the largest class, and we are the ones that, basically, receive nothing. The lower class citizens are offered food stamps, welfare, housing. The upper class can buy all that they need, the middle class, like my family, isn't offered housing, food stamps, welfare, electrical assistance. We have to make our own way, and when you lose a job, look for another, get shot down a 100 times, you start to worry about the family, the food, the house. You start to get discouraged that the one paycheck isn't gonna cut it at all. And then you wonder how is the mortgage gonna be paid. Do we give up the car for this months house payment, ok, then next month, what gets cut to make ends meet again.
I know, I have been there. Done the interviews, turned down, rejected. Wondered how on earth are we gonna make it on one paycheck. Wondered if the internet, cable and cells get cut off because of the fact that we had to tighten our belts, then wondered next month, what is next that would go. Sell the Jetta? Sell plasma like I have had to do before to put milk in a glass for Eric. Go without the medicines that are much needed right now? Trust me, all of this went through my head. Will we be able to make the house payment.

I voted for Obama because I am tired of seeing people on the street. No, he is not a miracle worker, but he is trying to change the US. He is tired of the way that we are going, he is tired of seeing people hurting, he is tired of paying for a war that should have never been started. He isn't gonna save the US, but I feel as if he will make a difference.

I voted for Obama because I wanted to be 1 vote, just ONE vote, that can say that I voted for our first black President. I don't live in the past. I look towards the future. I grew up in the 70's where it still was looked down on to have black friends. I remember going to school in a very conservative town, I never saw a black person in that school until I was in the 8th grade. The majority of the town was white. And this is a time AFTER segregation! This is a time when we should have started to accept ALL people. I was put down for having black friends. Even in the 80's my dad was very wary of me having black friends. The greatest family I ever met in my life. But we are 3/4 of the way through a new decade, 8% of the way through a new century. We all should look at life through eyes that see no color.

Now I live in a very conservative town. Cleveland is the home for the Almighty Church of God and Church of God of Prophecy. Althought the latter of the two doesn't have all that much pull in this town, the other does. People only see the things that are "RIGHT". They protested over a billboard that had a SheDevil on it for a store. You can't have billboards advertising alcoholic beverages. Anything that is morally wrong is not welcomed in this town. And that goes for anyone who goes against the grain. That is Sen Obama. He goes against the grain. He goes against all that the COG stands for.

I am a Christian. I have friends that are Christian professors that support Barack Obama. I don't believe in all that he stands for, at least he isn't out there, like Gov Palin. At least he shows that he is more compassionate, warmer, friendly, and more of a person you can sit down and have a conversation with.

So for all of you out there that has chastised me, put me down, torn me up and whatever else, you know who you are..... I am proud of my vote. I am proud to say that I voted for a black man. Not because he was black, that has nothing to do with it at all. I want to see some kind of change. I want to see us get back to a nation that has something to be proud of. I want to get back to a nation that I can be proud to be an American.

At least Barack Obama has surrounded himself with a support staff to be reckoned with. He has a running mate that showed he is a real person. Rides the train everyday, knows the people at the gas station. Sen McCain knows the servants at all of his 9 homes. Joe Biden lived life, he knows what a death can do to someone, he remembers what it is like to have to sit around the kitchen table to discuss bills. He surrounded himself with brilliant minds. Not people like Joe the Plumber, the same Joe that has bills in collection, the same Joe that is not a licensed plumber, the same Joe that was walking down the street when Sen Obama spoke with him. Barack Obama did not go to the man's house, knocked on his door, and asked him for his vote.

I am tired of people putting me down for my vote. I did what I thought was right. Trust me, if Obama wins and goes too far to the right, the Right will take over in 4 years.

Ok, for the sign in my yard.
Chuck bought Eric another one. I wanted Eric to have his piece of history. Someone in school stole his Obama/Biden sticker off his binder. One kid in school looked at Eric and said "I hope Obama gets elected, so that way someone can kill him." Isn't it great the way to raise your children? One child in PJ's class looked at him the other day, "I hope Obama gets elected so I can go to Washington and shoot him." How do you raise your children? Is that the way Christians should be raised to view a way to shoot the President? I know the one boy in Eric's school. He has gone to school with Eric for years, I know the family. I am disappointed to see this, I was shocked and appauled by the way the kids treated Eric in school over a sticker on his folder.

If I want to be in a liberal world, I live in the wrong city, county and state. I try to show my support and what happens, most likely one of my neighbors, or someone I know took a knife to my sign. Showed my children that who I supported was wrong. Showed my children that they don't have a right to their opinion. We are raising them to have their own minds, their own opinions, their own viewpoints. I don't want them voting for the person I want in the White House when they are old enough to vote. I want them to vote for the person that they think can do the job.

As for me, if Sen Obama wins, I will be out tomorrow moring, buying the newspapers. I want the boys to remember a part of history. This is huge. This is the real deal. Never in my life did I ever expect to see either A) a black man with the Presidency in reaching distance, or B) although my displeasure, an extremely conservative woman with a chance to be the Vice President. Either way, history is being made, and no matter what, I will always look at life through the eyes that see black or white, but through eyes that see a person.


Elaine said...

Patti, your blog was AMAZING. Thank you. THANK YOU. God bless you. Obama, I believe, cares about people, not about the upper class or the middle class or the working class, but about PEOPLE. And that is exactly what we need. We need CHANGE. And McCain doesn't get that. AT ALL.