Wednesday, November 26, 2008

New furniture

I have been so stinkin' busy, that I haven't had time to breath here lately. But before I go into work today I thought I would share with you our new furniture.

Last Saturday Chuck decided that he was going to look at stuff for the bedroom and the great room. We bought a new plasma in February and it has been on the wall. You get tired of looking at the wires from everything laying around everywhere. And with Thanksgiving coming, we wanted the house to look really nice. So, he finds 2 things that are needed in the house. I will show them in a minute.

This was in Eric's room, which is now in PJ's room
This was orginally my dresser and growing up this is what I used. When we got married, we used it for years.

Ok, so since Eric lost his dresser, which he was really attached to. He got our old dresser
Now, we bought this when we bought the house. The one that we were using was old and falling apart and it was time for an upgrade. I made those curtains in his room. They were the first ones I ever made.

Ok, so Chuck goes shopping and finds this:Photobucket
It is gorgeous. I love it. It opens up to a place where a rod hangs. He picked this out so that way the clothes that were in the dresser could be put on hangers and put up. Not in the closet that was so tightly packed as it was. I got rid of some clothes and cleaned a lot of stuff that I packed around for years. Things that really aren't needed. The chair in the corner was Chuck's great grandparents or great-great grandparents. Not sure, all I know it is old. And I haven't gotten the other curtains done, but one window is complete. I have been cleaning and haven't had time to get the other window done yet, but I am very pleased with the one window.Photobucket

Now since we moved all the furniture in the great room, it is a bit more cozier and smaller. But it is the warmest room in the house in the winter, and coolest one in the summer. So, it was a smart move. Anyway, like I said, we bought the plasma and it has been on the wall. Kinda of a pain to look at it, to hang it too was rough. But the wires had been hanging down, they were all bunched up in the back, a real eyesore. So, Chuck went looking and he found something that he liked, but it was more like an armoire and not an entertainment center. He wanted something that we could put the sewing machine in and the blankets too. Something to get rid of the clutter. So, we went back and I spotted an entertainment center that would work perfectly. He was concerned about the color, but I like the darker wood. Everything in the room is light colored and it really needed something that had color.

I am very pleased with the way that the rooms came out. Eric is not happy with the dresser, but he is getting older and he will need more room. PJ needed the other one. He has been living out of a dresser that was his grandmothers. It is old and very cute, also very small and he really needed something. I went in his room last night and he said, "Thank you, I needed a space for my underwear and my socks. Now, they are in 2 different drawers."


Johanna said...

Really lovely choices. I love the rocking chair in your bedroom. It looks like it was made for the armoire.

The entertainment center is very nice and my word, you've got a huge TV! :)

I think the kids will be having a wonderful Christmas. I think yours and Chuck's started early this year, huh?

Elaine said...

The furniture is lovely, and I love how your new tv looks in the armoire! Very stylish!