Thursday, November 13, 2008

A ride with the boys

The boys and I took off for a ride on Election Day. They were off, so was I. So, I decided to head to Wilson's Fabrics. Twice a year they have a sale on their fabric. It is not the stuff at Wal-Mart, this is drapery material, upholstery material, interior design stuff. Heavy duty stuff. In the Spring we went and found material for PJ's curtains, $1 a yard, bought 12 yards and still have some left over. This time I wanted to find something for our bedroom. We have been here 8 years and still don't have matching curtains in our room. So, I thought I was gonna find something.

I searched and searched, asked Eric what he thought of things, while PJ decided to talk politics. HA! I was there forever, or what seemed like forever looking at all the fabrics. I knew I didn't want any flowers, that wouldn't be really fair to Chuck, so that was off the list. I didn't want anything really bright, yellows, or things in that color range, so that was off the list too. It came down to 2 different kind of striped fabric. One had blue and red in it, I liked it, and at $5 a yard, you can't go bad. But the other had more color in it, green, red, muted colors, and at $3 a yard, you really can't go wrong.

This is what came home with me. Less than $50 for 4 windows. Now, I just have to get started on them. And with Thanksgiving coming up, the windows may have to be put on hold.

It waas a gorgeous day for the pretty ride that we had got to take. I got to the gas station on the corner, down the road from the fabric store and was shocked to see that gas was $2.06 a gallon. Oh my, I had to fill up. That lasted me the entire week! It is just now down to that level here in town. Took almost 2 weeks for us to get it at that price.

But on our way home, we got coffee and cocoa and enjoyed our ride out and about. I know the area well, I always take my camera with me, but never seem to take the time to stop and look around. White Oak mountain is the backway around the interstate and it can get very busy, so I really don't take much of a chance to take pictures. But I decided that I was gonna stop for a few shots, not much, but still.

Most of the ride out there was just for us to talk. That is one of the reasons why I do take rides with the boys. It gives us a chance to talk, not about one certain thing, but really what they want to talk about. If Eric wants to talk about football, we do. If PJ wants to talk about whatever, we do. It is a time for them to relax, enjoy and unwind too.

On our way home I searched and searched for places to take some pics. And right before getting back into civilization, I spotted this piece of antique farm equipment. I don't know what it is about me and finding this stuff, but it is fun. I love exploring the area. It holds so many corners that we all seem to forget is out there.

The barn was right there too when I stopped for the one picture. I parked the car and the man in the field started coming my way. I took out the camera and took my picture and left. He walked away when he saw that I was only there taking a few pics. Sometimes people are so picky about what they want pictures taken of, but he didn't bother me.

So, now I have some more curtains to make, some crocheting to be done, some Christmas to be taken care of, some more rides to take and some more time with the family.


Johanna said...

The material is very nice. I can't wait to see what you do with it.

The pictures are nice. Isn't it fun to drive around and look for picturesque settings? It's great, too, for the boys to have alone time with mom.