Tuesday, September 16, 2008

"As the refrigerator dies" part 2

I swear this thing is driving me nuts. And I am about on complete edge with the refrigerator that we bought last year.

I got home from shopping with my dad today around 10:30, got everything unloaded and patiently waited for the repair man to show up between 1 and 5. I told my dad, "watch he show up at 5." I was so right.

I got dinner made, more on that yummy meal in another blog. And the repair truck pulls up in the driveway. Ok, I have plenty of food, he was just in time for dinner.

He checks the upper part, then to the freezer. He takes it all apart and while eating dinner we can hear the ice crash to the bottom of the freezer. Not good, not good at all.

Now, if you remember from the earlier post, I mentioned that last year, right after we got it, we had to call for repair because of the fact it wasn't cooling right. Ok, he comes out and thaws out what he needs to do and leaves. This guy comes in tonight, tells us that there is good news and bad news. Let's get it over with, the bad news first..... we will be without a refrigerator until next Tuesday morning. Apparently there is a part that is notorious for going bad and freezing up like it did on this one. UPS will deliver the part right to the house and then Monday he will be back out to fix it. The good news, it is all being paid for by Maytag. It is a $900 part, not counting the 2 hour labor. We paid $900 for this thing last year. The repair man from MIKE'S MAYTAG, didn't bother to look at that part, he just thawed it out and left.

So, now what? We cleaned out the refrigerator, emptied containers that had some leftovers in them, threw away some things that we didn't really need or things that weren't being touched.

In one cooler we have milk, surrounded by ice, along with all the jellies, jams, cream cheeses, lunch meats, bacon, and apple butter. In the other, eggs, and some leftovers from dinner tonight.

The repair man told us that this has all new parts in it. I am ok with that, but we went in there buying a refrigerator that we thought was brand new, no parts replaced, never been used. We were wrong, they hoodwinked us. Suckered us, or whatever else you want to call it. I thought about going down there tomorrow and giving them a piece of my mind, but that will get me arrested.

So, tune in again tomorrow, same place, same channel, same stupid refrigerator.


Johanna said...

Yikes! Well at least they will pay for the repair instead of you having to, or having to go out and buy a new frig. We just don't realize the wonder of these things until they break down and they we remember what it's like to live primitively. :)

I don't know, I'd at least file a complaint with the BBB over the refrigerator and not being brand new, as earlier stated to you. I'd make sure he lost business. Would a Letter to the Editor be in order?