Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Real First Day of School

Bittersweet is a good way for me to describe the first day of school. I am happy that they are back in school, and that I have had the pleasure of spending a good part of the summer with the boys. But it is a day that I realize how fast it goes when they enter school. Eric is now in the 7th grade, and I expect the year not to be as easy as last year. PJ started the 4th grade, this year won't be so hard on him. I will have to help him with EXTRA stuff this year, since there are way too many in his class, I might as well do some stuff with him.

As you all know that yesterday wasn't a good day. I argued with the bus barn, trying to get him on a bus. I called first thing this morning. Eric got up way too early, but that was his choice, the alarm clock is very loud, so you know that I was up too. I got out of bed about 6:40 and fixed my hair, here comes Eric around the corner, wanting to leave right then. I know, I know, he wanted to see his friends and he was excited about the first day. I told him that tomorrow, we will leave about 7, I was not planning on getting out of bed any earlier than I have to, considering I have to work that night.

I didn't bother getting dressed, wore my night shirt and my slippers.On the way to school, I called the bus barn again. I spoke to the supervisor, asked them about the bus that Eric was on last year. I was making sure that he would be on the bus, because that is what I read online. He told me that the schedule was righ and he was to be on the bus on the way home. Oh good, I didn't have to get him. I had to go in to work anyway. I had time to put batteries in the camera and take another picture on another first day of school.
One day, I won't be able to do that anymore. Not a pretty sight.... I noticed that there were so many parents at school today. Eric commented how the parents of the 6th grade students were walking them to the gymnasium. I asked Eric if I should do that, well, you all know the answer to that. Let me see, nightshirt, slippers, hair in a clip. UM NO MOM!

I didn't cry this year, give me until I drive him to school in the 9th grade, and how about the year that he drives to school. Yes, I am an emotional mom. I love my boys dearly and as the years go on, I am so very thankful for the time that we have had together. The things that I had the chance to do with them, and the stuff that I had a chance to teach them. I hope there is more time for that, but you never know what takes priority now.

Before I left to take Eric to school, I got PJ up. I told him that the Flintstones were on. He loves Boomerang and Pink Panther along with the Jetson's. And that was on at 7. Ok, so when I got home, he was watching Jetson's with waffles in the toaster. I was next to the toaster, got those ready for him and then hit the shower. I had to look acceptable to take him into his classroom.

Ok, I know that I was down about losing my job. Yes, it hurt, but as the time has gone on I realized how fortunate I have been. You see in all the years I have had the boys in school, I never, ever had the chance to walk either one of them to school. And living so close to school, I had the chance to do that with PJ this year. He wanted to leave early so that way he can see his friends. Ok, I understand all of this, but next year will be the last year that I can go into PJ's classroom. So, I wanted to get a picture of him at his desk. Usually, I have to have him at school before 8, and then I have to walk him into the gym. Last year, I got to the classroom with him. But this year, we walked hand-in-hand down the road. Yes, it was really bittersweet for me. But we crossed at the crossing guard and I went right to his class. We found his desk yesterday, so he knew exactly where to go.

Isn't he too cute??? I have a pic of him when he was in Kindergarten and the changes over the years, well, I am a mom and it is hard to accept to see them grow up so fast.

I got a phone call today, Eric was scheduled to be on this one bus to come home and to catch at 6:25. Well, I explained to her that he is on this one bus and that this was the one that he got to ride home on. She looked and saw that he was on that bus and I explained to her that he drives right by the house every morning. She told me that he is supposed to turn on this one street, but he goes up and then turns onto our street and drives right by the hous and that I can't understand why he can't stop right here and pick Eric up. She looked at that, and realized that he can do that. This is good news to me and to Eric. He is now to catch the bus at 6:40, he should be there at 6:35. It is right on the corner, in front of the house. The woman at the bus barn asked why I knew he would drive by the house, and I explained to her that I see him at the light. He misses all the lights and traffic from driving the main street. She was glad to hear that, and voila.... I have Eric on the bus that does drive right by the house and at a little later in the morning. I am glad that all of this is settled. Now, I did let Eric know that if he misses the bus to come and wake me up. This is a first for me, well, for him too. For the last 8 years I have driven him to school nearly everyday. There was a time that my dad did take him to school and every once-in-a-while Chuck would take him to school. Growing pains hurt.

Tomorrow, well, PJ will be walking to school alone. Do you realize how much that makes me see how much he is growing up? My boys are growing up, and I am right there with them, every step of the way. Yes, I am aging too, but I am happy that I have been there for them during the years that I needed to be there for them.