Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Oh so good!

Ok, I am not Mr. Food, but I bet you I can give him a run for his money!

My dad and I took our monthly shopping trip to Sam's and Publix today. I guess you can say that is our date once a month. It is nice to go there with him. On the way down I was complaining about pork chops and that they have no flavor anymore. He mentioned that he went to Don's Meat Shop in Hixson and got some really nice pork chops. It has been so long since I bought any kind of pork like that, other than bacon or sausage.

We hit Sam's first and then Publix. I go in, find my little man and then hit the deli to find my little LadyBug friend. I love going there. Anyway, on the way down, I was thinking about dinners, and I am really stumped on meals here lately. I even brought my Rachael Ray books with me. Nada, no ideas, I am lost.

So, I look in the meat window and spot these thick center cut pork chops. I asked the man about them and if they were any good. And of course he said they were the best around, come to find out, he was right. I hand picked the 3 that I wanted, and he then asked me if I was going to freeze them. I told him that was dinner tonight, but he would have wrapped them in freezer paper if they were to be put in the freezer. Oh how nice they are!

My dad talked me into buying an acorn squash. I have never had one, never made one, don't like squash all that much. But I bought it anyways. So, now what do I do. Get my shopping done, head home.

I get on the internet and start looking around for recipes for the acorn squash. I find some that need brown sugar, but I don't have any. Maple syrup, but I don't have any, honey, I have that. Butter, cinnamon and sugar, salt and pepper. This is gonna be good.

I took the pork chops, covered them with EVOO, kosher salt, fresh ground pepper and summer savory (I love this herb), get the grill going, make some wild rice, and then decide that since I have a crate of apples, I was gonna make homemade fried apples. I had to get brown sugar from my neighbor for that.

I cut all the apples, and Eric measured everything and made the fried apples. Oh my goodness, they were so good!

So now for the acorn squash. I baked it in the oven for about an hour and took it out. It was tender and smelled so good. I tried some, I liked it, gave some to Eric, he liked it, and didn't tell PJ what it was until he tried it, he liked it. I am not a squash fan, I was force fed zucchini casserole when I was living with my aunt and uncle. So, that turned me off right there. Chuck only had yellow crook nect squash, fried, growing up, so I do buy that occasionally, but to try this, it was actually very good. I am willing to try anything new, as long as I can make it myself.

Get the chops off the grill, load up the plates and dig in.


Elaine said...

Sounds like a delicious dinner! YUMMMMMMMMMMM