Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Maybe, just maybe I have a refrigerator

Maybe, hopefully, keep your fingers crossed. I may have a refrigerator that actually works right. I hope I don't jinx it.
Today Joe from A and E called and then got to the house right before lunch. He looks at the fridge and takes the temp of both the top and the bottom. Not good, he tells me that it is not cooling right. No? REALLY? Gee, here I was thinking that this was normal. DUH?
He pulls it away from the wall and he notices that there weren't any valves that gave him access to the gases. Not good. Ok, so then he asked about what was wrong with it, what needed to be replaced and what was done to it. You would figure that they had all this in the system and that they would know all of this already. Nope again!
He tested for freon, well low-and-behold, it was EMPTY. The repairman before him must have poked a hole in the hose somehow and it all leaked out over a period of 3 days. Oh gee, great!
He fixed that with the blow torch, set off the smoke alarm, scared the cat, smelled up the kitchen, cleaned up and left.
So, in the long run, he fixed a hole from the other man. And filled it back up with freon. Told us that it should be cooling in a few hours. Yep, he was right. But then again, so was the other guy.
This repairman thought that the sealed unit in this model of refrigerator was under warrenty for 5 years. Nope again, this particular model was not under that clause, ours is only 1 year.
We paid $700 for this refrigerator last year and the amount of work that has been put into it so far is about twice that much.
Keep those fingers crossed!


Elaine said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed! Keep us posted!