Thursday, September 11, 2008

Country Roads of Cleveland

A while back I commented about taking a road trip on the roads that I have discovered while delivering pizzas. And oh how I wish that I had my camera on me when I was out on these roads.

For a while I didn't know where I found these roads, I didn't know where I was going and I didn't rememeber where to go to get the shots that I was waiting so badly to take.

So, yesterday I decided that the boys and I would take a minor road trip around the county. It was a nice day, not too hot, and not too many people on the road, perfect, just perfect.

Cleveland has a lot of farm land, lots of old barns on the back roads, lots of great places to get pictures. Now, to be honest, if it wasn't for Johanna, I would look at this stuff and say "Oh big deal" But now I look for this stuff and it is fun. I wanted Eric to bring his camera, so that way he could practice seeing this stuff through the lens of a camera.

I delivered to a house across the street from this. A very small street, one lane, very secluded area. Ha, finding that in Cleveland is a rare thing now. But driving around like I have been doing has me discovering new locations. And I am loving it.

Eric was commenting that the people in the houses across the street were all looking at me taking the pics. Oh well, they get to look at this every day, most of them probably think it is an eyesore, me, I think it is a great place to go back to when the leaves are changing.

I am so glad that the boys went with me. I want them to see how some people in the country live. They need their tractors, they still use the barns, some are farmers, some get the hay for their horses.

Ok, this next one was an OOPS shot, I knew it didn't come out well when I took it, so I took it again and didn't delete it. I am glad that I didn't. Because when I got it on the computer, I got this. And the boys wanted pics of cows, not like they haven't ever seen one, but they wanted me to get some of the cows.

One more pic and I will let you go. I love this one too. Ok, ok, I really like all of them.

Oh I can't wait until the weather changes and the leaves change too. This is where I am gonna take a day, with my camera and get more pictures. I know where everyone of these places are. I know the roads that I took and the route that I went. And when the fall finally comes, I will be right there with my camera.

I will post more pics in my albums. Come by and comment, good or bad. Please let me know if I need to do something better to have better pictures.