Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Helping out at school

Today was the day that Chuck got to go to school with Eric and to his Engineering Tech class. Basically shop class, but to be more politically correct, Engineering Tech is the term used today.

This year the class got to design a dragster and use the table saw to cut it out. The teacher needed parents to volunteer to run one saw while he ran the other. So, Eric asked Chuck if he would go and help out. Sure, why not?

I wanted to go and take pics, but they said that it would be too much of a distraction, so I stayed home, alone (thank you Lord), and waited to find out how it went.

Chuck texted me a few times, "this is almost fun." and "I am using a saw that I have never seen before." Chuck is not the handy man of the house, I am. Granted growing up with a general contractor does help some, but still, I am the one that runs the saws and hooks up the electric. So, it would have been a kick for me to be there and to watch him run a table saw.

When he got home I asked him all about it. He was there for 2 classes and helped the kids or supervised the kids that needed the help on the saw. He had one girl that has been in school with Eric since kindergarten and he told her exactly what to do, "Just imagine that it is Eric's head!" And she zoomed on through, doing a pretty good job. I have watched that little girl grow up, and he knew exactly how to help her out.

I did get a message though stating that he broke the saw. Ok, well, it was just a blade. After so many dragsters the blade was dull and it just snapped in 2. Not a big deal, easy fix. Just goes to show how many he did help out with.

I wanted to go, but I didn't. I told my dad that would have been cool for him to go with him. But he was at the cannery making apple sauce and apple butter. We stopped there before going to get more ice for the coolers. He was fussy, I think it was more that he wanted out of there and that was all there was to it. He was grinding the apples, peels, meat and seeds into this grinder and out came all the pulp and juice leaving the rest behind. Pretty neat! But I do that stuff at home.

But with my dad being a contractor, he knows all that stuff. Of course being older than the teacher, I am sure that he would have gotten grouchy and told the teacher what to do. So, in turn, it was better that Chuck got to go with him. And he never really has the chance to go with him for anything like that, so this was good for both of them.