Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Shopping with my dad

Ok, you may be thinking this is gonna be dull and boring. And to you it may be, but for me, it was a nice day.

A few weeks ago my dad mentioned about going to Sam's and Publix, both located in Chattanooga. I usually don't make trips like that for shopping because, 1 I drive for a living and I don't want to drive any further than I have to anymore and 2 gas is a killer, and I have enough miles on my car. But when my dad mentioned that he was going, I thought I would tag along.
So, last Monday he picks me up and off we go. I don't care for Sam's a whole lot, they have so much stuff and you really have to watch the prices. My dad takes off in his wheel chair cart and leaves me to fend for myself, not a big deal. I hit the stuff that I knew I would need. I priced things that I knew that I would be needing, taking my time, looking around. My dad, he needed 3 things, so he was done a lot quicker than I was.

I get the stuff I need and off to the register, and who pulls up behind me, dad. I don't know what he was doing, what he was looking at, where he was at, but he got done right when I got done.
Now, here we are, and he knew that we would be going to Sam's and Publix. He didn't unload his trunk. He had two 5 gallon water jugs, a cooler and tackle box. Where the heck am I supposed to put the paper towels, huge box of cheezit and bugles, don't forget the 8 lb bag of french fries, that hit the cooler. We loaded the trunk and the back seat of the car and now we needed to go shopping.

Now, if you don't have a Publix in your area, you are missing out. Publix is located in Lakeland Fl. They are the nicest grocery store I have ever been to. I love going there, the people are nice, they have the best selection of organic any chain store has, they have a great name brand items that I just love. Now, of course you have to watch the prices, but that is everywhere. I came out of there looking like I am a walking ad for Publix. Publix Spanish Rice, butter, cream cheese, colby cheese, sour cream (not a good choice), raisins, diced tomatoes, alphabet pasta, and bread. I love their Spanish Rice, I will put that up against Rice-a-Roni anyday. And everything else, except the sour cream, was quite good. It is better than Great Valu, but then again, what isn't. Even the black and white label cans are better than Great Valu.

The cashiers are sweet and there is one little man there that I just adore. He is from Cleveland and he is older. He drives everyday to Chattanooga, and then will be transferring to the Publix when they open in Collegedale, and eventually up to Cleveland. I am glad that within about 18 months there will be one here in Cleveland.

Ok, so what, I spent the day with my dad. That is something that we haven't had the chance to do. It isn't like we live in different states, it is just that we still have a rocky relationship and I still have to endure his wife. And I try to stay away from there all together.

My dad stops over for a cup of coffee, brings bread, brought Eric some homemade grape jelly, brings things over here for me to try, things like that. He is trying so hard to be a better parent, I will give him that. He is also a better grandparent than he was father.

Spending the day with him was nice. We will do this once a month, cool. Gives me some time out of the house, get the things that I need for the house, even do some Christmas shopping while I am at it too.