Tuesday, September 16, 2008

"As the refrigerator leaks" The saga continues

Honestly, I feel as if I have an ongoing soap opera with my kitchen appliances. First the dishwasher gives up after just 3 years of faithful service, and I am still battling against the leaky refrigerator.

As you all know, we lived out of a cooler for a while because we thought that something was wrong with the refigerator, yes there was, it was leaking badly. Chuck thought that if we unplugged it, cleaned the cat fur out, and let it thaw that we would be back in business. All last week, we didn't have one problem with it. It kept the right temp in top and bottom, I heard the compressor kick on, so I thought it was ok.

Well, guess what??? It is not ok. Sunday morning I came around the corner to find the cat looking at the water running out from the bottom. As she would look, she would walk further and further away from it. This cat and water just don't mix well. So, I cleaned it up, left a towel there just in case, got the thermometer out and once again, took the temps. The top part was running an even 42 - 43. I can live with that, but when the freezer portion is running a close second, we have a problem somewhere.

When we first got the refrigerator, I noticed a short time after that it wasn't cooling right. Well, we had a year warrenty on it from the place where we bought it, Mike's Maytag. Same place we bought the piece of garbage dishwasher. So, Chuck called and they came out. It was froze solid around the part that cools the unit. Ok, he said it was from opening it up so much when we first got it. It happens all the time.

July 17, 2007 was the day that we purchased this refrigerator from Mike's Maytag, a scratch and dent store. But this wasn't supposed to be scratched or dented, turned out it was and I tried like hell to get him to throw in another year warrenty. Nope, no way, no how, nada. Couldn't get him to help out there. He actually told me that he didn't think that the dent on top would cause a problem. Ok, whatever.

I headed over there yesterday and spoke to a man I hadn't seen over there before. I explained to him in detail exactly what was going on and asked that since it is only 2 months out of warrenty if he could send someone out to look at it and determine what is going on. He told me, very bluntly, that he wasn't gonna do it, it would be $39.95 for a service call and then whatever it would be to fix it. I told him that we had problems with the crap that we bought here before. Once again, Mr Lack of Personality told me that we should have called. See, we have called, and called, and called. They work on it, then it breaks down, then one day after a year, you are out of luck. I told him that I will never buy from them again, and that I will make sure that all people I know, know exactly what kind of service you get from Mike's Maytag.

Oh, I was so upset. I was on the verge of tears right there, didn't give him the pleasure of seeing that. I hauled off to see Chuck, he wasn't happy about it either. But then I remember my friend worked for Whirlpool and she told me what to do. Call and explain to them what is going on, let them know that MIKE'S MAYTAG won't cover it and see what they can do.

I got home and made my phone call. Spoke to a really nice gentleman, Phillip. Now, before I go any further, let me explain this to you. Whirlpool customer service is based out of Cleveland. I drive by there all the time, I know people that work there and I am glad that it is here in town, because, if not, I wouldn't have gotten the treatment that I did receive.

I spoke to Phillip, explained everything to him. Told him that we bought this at MIKE'S MAYTAG, and they refused to honor the warrenty, albeit out of date. Car manufacturers do at times. But they wouldn't. Gave him all the info, all the #'s needed and maybe, just maybe, they could help. Well, we got to talking, turns out his wife taught Eric last year at the Middle School. And that there is a good possibilty that I have delivered pizza to his house. See, good thing they are in Cleveland. Whirlpool is picking up this service call. They are sending someone out today to come and fix my refrigerator.

I was so happy that I was about in tears. People don't do things like that anymore. They don't help out, like Mike's Maytag, they just don't know what customer service is, and then they expect you to go back and buy from them again. Well, this time I won't. I will buy from Lowe's or Home Depot or, if I have to, Sears. At least they know how to treat people. When we bought the freezer, the people from Lowes were great. Chuck bought the shed from there, because Home Depot refused to offer any other assistance. And then the manager from Lowe's called and asked if we needed anything else. That is service. That is what brings people back for more, plus the smell of lumber when you walk in.

So, as I sit at home, waiting between 1 and 5 for someone to show up, I am thankful that I did receive such wonderful service. And, well, since I closed 3 nights in a row, I am thankful that I am home alone right now.