Monday, September 29, 2008

"Hello, can you get me someone in customer service?"

Do you know where this one is going?

"Good morning, I need to speak to someone in Customer Service, please?"
"Thank you, please hold."

I did this first thing in the morning because I didn't want to be on hold for an hour like I was the last time I called Maytag. Yep, I have refrigerator issues again.

"Hello, how can I help you?

So, I proceed to give my phone number and then explain to her that the part that was installed on Thursday has given up and the refrigerator is worse than it was before.

She told me that I had to call A and E and then they will charge me for whatever is wrong with it this time, if it is not related to the original problem.

Ok, well, I have the number for A and E and I call them.

"How can I help you?"
"Well, I had you guys out last week and for that matter the week before and my refrigerator is not cooling right. It is worse than it was before and I need him to come out and see if this part is the problem."
"Ok, well, I see that we have been out, several times actually, and I see that they did replace the original part. Will you be home tomorrow between 8 - 12 or 1 - 5?"
Luckily I am working tonight and I will be home all day tomorrow.
"Yes, any time tomorrow will be just fine for me."
"Ok, we will have someone out there between 8 - 12, is there anything else I can do for you?"
"So glad you asked, I need a new refrigerator, can you provide that?"
" Um, no mam, sorry."
I was only kidding with her.

I have gotten used to living out of a cooler. It has been quite an adventure, really. You get rather creative with dinners and what goes in the cooler and what doesn't need to be in there. So, I am really learning a lot from this lovely experience.

Number 1, I will never, ever, EVER buy a Maytag piece of trash again. I meant EVER AGAIN!
Number 2, I won't buy from Mike's Maytag either. Since the owner sold out, the other owner has the personality of an irritating boil.
Number 3, it pays off being really nice to the people on the other end. If I started out yelling and fussing, I would have had a new refrigerator because I can't afford to put all that money into something that we paid $700 for.
Number 4, So glad that I have the upright freezer!
Number 5, So glad that I have the pantry full of food for such an emergency.

We are learning everyday. This is just another trial that we have been through the past few months. How much more of this can I take? I don't know. I don't know whether to laugh or cry. Is it worth it? No. Told Chuck just to buy a mini fridge, because really, this is getting very old.

More to be posted as I find out what is going on tomorrow.


Elaine said...

My goodness! I am indeed impressed with you perserverance in this adventure! As I've been reading your refrigerator saga, I keep thinking of my grandma in England, who had a small refrigerator, and essentially shopped every day for what she wanted for meals. Interesting, that that kind of mindset really equals less waste. Instead of stocking up for the entire week, perhaps we would be more economical if we shopped on a "needs" basis rather than a "want" basis. Have you noticed a drastic change in your buying habits?

Johanna said...


If you find out it's another part, I'd be contacting the BBB and lodging a complaint about receiving a refrigerator that was not as presented.

You do have the patience of a saint.

But then again, what's your choice?