Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Labor Day Fun

Sunday I was on delivery and on my way back I stopped at the Dollar Tree for a treat for the boys. Water balloons!

Since I haven't had the time or the energy to go to the Y's pool, I decided that water balloons would be nice for the boys.

I got home from work and brought them in for the boys and told them that since we are home on Monday, a water balloon fight will be appropriate. And they were all excited that they couldn't wait, they were out there as soon as the dishes were done.

But after our road trip on Monday, we came home and sorted out the balloons and they went for it. Oh it was funny to watch Eric bomb his brother, and to see PJ come running that Eric hurt him. He was throwing a little too close to him, but let them have fun.

This is what Chuck came home to. They didn't get very far, but they did get soaked. So, smarty Chuck decided to be funny and get the boys a little more than just wet.

He grabbed a balloon and filled it with shaving cream. It looked just like water when he brought it outside, and he got them both. PJ wasn't too happy about all of this because he got it in his mouth. I thought for sure that he was gonna lose his dinner, all I saw was him gagging. It wasn't pretty.

Yep and there goes Eric running for cover!

And here he is after he got nailed with more shaving cream.

Ok, so I may not be home a lot here lately, and I may be too tired to do somethings with the boys, but yesterday was fun. I should have gotten out there with them. I didn't, because I wanted to take pictures.

Fall is on the way, more pumpkins to carve, more leaves to play in, more pictures of the boys too.
I enjoyed this summer. I spent a month with the boys. We had a great vacation, I got to walk PJ to school on his first day, and tomorrow I will be having lunch with him.

I may have missed out on somethings, but I wanted the boys to have fun one last day.