Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Finally! Well, we just thought FINALLY!

We have been without a refrigerator for just about a week now. Not too bad, not loving it either.

Yesterday the place called me, let me know that the part is on the truck and will be here sometime in the afternoon. Now, the repair man was supposed to be out in the morning, but because of the slowness of service, it would be later in the afternoon or Tuesday. Well, since I don't have a part, I can't get anything fixed.

On my way to the store, which is everyday right now, I get a call from the repair man.
"This is Adam from A and E. Did your part arrive?"
"Please tell me you are lying."
"Nope, from what I understand it is on the truck to be delivered today."
"Well, I guess we can get out there tomorrow"
"I have no other option right now, that will work."

I honestly thought that they would have shipped it overnight. But they didn't, no big deal, another day is another day.

Late yesterday afternoon I get the package. The box was all caved it, the tape was barely holding anything together. Now, this is a $900 part, you would think that they could ship it better. I decided to call him, let him know that the part was here and wait. I got an automated call that he would be at the house between 8-5. Great, another day where I wait for a repair man, with his buttcrack hanging out while he fixes my refrigerator.

Ok, so this morning I was up early. Make sure PJ got to school, made coffee and waited on Chuck to get home from doing paperwork. I get this call from the repairman, he is about to pull in the driveway to start working. Chuck is home, I am still in nightshirt, needed to get into the shower.

I come out, Chuck is somewhere by this point, sit down, drink another cup of coffee, and look up to see Adam holding my new part. " It is up to you, I can use this if you want to." This $900 part that was shipped in a box that wasn't meant for shipping, was bent and bowed up. Why waste his time to put that in? So, of course, since it is only guarenteed for 90 days, don't put it in.

He goes to the van, turns out that their warehouse sent it like that, orders another part, and proceeds to order another one after that. It won't be here until tomorrow at the earliest. If it gets here tomorrow, he will be here at 8 on Thursday morning to fix it. Now, this is a 2 hour job, I have to be at work at 11, so he needs to be done before then. But then he told us that they are licensed and bonded, and that he can lock up when he is done. I am not comfortable leaving some repair person here alone, but if anything is missing, I know where to turn.

Here I am, Tuesday afternoon, no refrigerator, living out of 2 coolers, and sitting on the computer. I am not happy right now, thankfully Chuck's work has an ice machine, we have used a lot of it the past few days. The boys aren't happy about all of this, and they don't know anything about what happened today. Lunches for them has been PB and J or something that won't spoil. They have to make them before they go to school, so they are up earlier for that. Granted we have a ton of stuff that I have canned, and it isn't too bad. Dinners are things that won't have any leftovers. I was looking forward to stuffed shells, that is not happening any time soon. But this is getting old, very fast!

Maybe, just maybe, we will have a refrigerator that works by Friday. Oh well, at least we have the coolers and the freezer which has come in handy. I will keep you updated on this ordeal!


Johanna said...

Argh! And it's not even my refrigerator.

What goes smoothly these days? Anything?

How frustrating.

Elaine said...

I can't even imagine. I am sooooo impressed with your patience. I'm glad you have some resources, but seriously. I remember when we lost power for about a day during an ice storm a few years ago. At least it was winter so we could put everything out on the porch. But I was still so frustrated! And you've been dealing with this for at least a week. Go Patti! You will have amazingly good karma after this ordeal....... : )