Friday, September 26, 2008

It is Fixed! It is Fixed! IT IS FIXED!

Guess what??? I have a refrigerator now. It is fixed and I can't be happier about all of this.

We have gone 9 days living out of a cooler. Ok, that is 9 days straight, that doesn't count the days that we went about 2 weeks before all of this that we were living out of the cooler.

You all have read the blogs and seen the lovely pic of the cat fur that came out that one day. We all know that wasn't the problem, but it is fixed now.

Yesterday about 8:30 the repairman pulls up, now, he had quite a bit already done from the other day. He had the back off and the freon already out, so that was about 25 minutes done. He opens the box and it is packed with egg crate and snuggly in the box, no dents, no bows, straight like it was supposed to be the other day.

I was on the computer while he was working on that. What we thought was going to be a 2 1/2 hour job, turned out to be an hour. In and out the door.

Before he left, he said that it was already cooling, but didn't want us to put much in it until 24 hours. Of course when Eric got home from school, I had him check the temperature on both, they were both cooling very nicely. To be honest, I know that my freezer never did cool very well, but when it is down to 24 degrees, I am happy. And I see now that they sold us a piece of garbage! It is like a new refrigerator now. I had Eric put milk, mayo and cream in there when he got home from school.

I felt so bad for the boys. Lunches were either bought at school, which they don't like at all. Or just stuff thrown together. There were several days that I had to go to school and take PJ his lunch. It was an awful mess. But we are back on track.

I got to thinking that if I had to live without any appliance which one would it be???? The dryer. That is all, don't take anything else away from me. I need it all. We all are so dependant on our appliances, that we don't realize how much we miss them when they are gone.

Now, I have to unload the cooler and fill my working refrigerator back up.