Friday, September 26, 2008

Eric and the bike

The other day PJ got his new bike. He was so excited that he wanted to ride it. Well, when he would take a break, Eric would be on it. He would adjust the seat and try to ride it.

Now, let me start from the beginning, Eric has had Big Wheels, tricycles, bikes with training wheels, he never grasped the concept of riding the bike. His coordination was so off that riding a bike was a struggle for him. After the last bike, he just had no interest in riding any bike. Until the other day.

PJ wanted the training wheels off his bike so that way he can go down the Greenway with our neighbor. I expected that. Once he found out that Papa P wants to take him and ride on the Greenway, they had to come off. But what I didn't expect was Eric showing an interest in riding too.

Eric got on the other day and came in with his shorts pulled up, "I fell off" And that he did. Both knees scraped up pretty nicely. I told him to clean them up with peroxide and he should be fine. Nothing major, you could see that he hit the pavement with a force. I thought that he was gonna give up.

Last night, after we got home, here is Eric, in the neighbor's driveway, trying to ride around. I wanted him in our yard so I can see what he could do. He had a problem getting it started, but then once he got going he did just fine. through the yard, around in front of the house, right before he crashed into the flower bed. My poor flowers aren't gonna survive them riding bikes into it!

When I was out there with him, he looked at me, "So when can I get a bike?" Ha! That is funny, he had no interest in it, but when he started, he loves it. Good for him. We will look into getting him one shortly.

This will be good for all of us. We can rent bikes when we are on vacation and ride together. I am happy that he is trying as hard as he is. No training wheels needed!