Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Goodness, my family really is SPOILED!

Chuck was describing one of the pastas to a customer the other day. He was explaining that it feeds us and then there are leftovers for the boys for lunch. He mentioned that the bacon mac and cheese isn't quite as filling as the other two. He told the woman that he liked the meaty marinara, but doesn't eat it much because he likes the homemade marinara that I make. The woman looked at him, raised an eyebrow and he said, "yes, mam, I know I am spoiled. My wife makes the best marinara and it doesn't compare to this stuff here."

I finally had a chance to make dinner, for the first time in a long time. Not burgers, hotdogs or something thrown in a crockpot. I made dinner! Yipee for me.

Back around Mother's Day, Eric wanted to make this Chicken Burrito dish. I thought, eww... But it was from Martha Stewart, and you can't go wrong with her recipes. I found it and decided that was gonna be dinner.

It was chicken marinated in citrus juices, ancho chile, cajun seasoning, cilantro and tarragon. Let that sit for 2 hours and then grill, put the wraps on the grill, cut chicken into strips, serve with sour cream, romaine lettuce and mango salsa. Yes, I made my mango salsa, and it was outstanding! And then I made some Jasmine rice, cooked in chicken stock, sauteed garlic, and European butter.

Let me say this, dinner was a hit. Oh my goodness..... That is all there is to say there.
Anyway, there was enough for lunch the next day. And generally I will let the boys decide who will take the leftovers. This time there was enough for both to have a wrap and then some.
PJ made his up, Eric fixed up what he wanted. And then it hit me. My kids are going to school with citrus marinated chicken breast, mango salsa, PJ took some homemade salsa along too, and Jasmine rice. Are you gonna tell me that they aren't spoiled?

What did you have to have for lunch growing up? I didn't have a thermos, because the old ones were glass lined and we broke them all the time. I didn't take left overs, because no one wants beef tongue for lunch. And I know for a fact that I didn't have a blue icee for my paper bag, I never ever had a lunch box. It was peanut butter and jelly, or my favorite, cream cheese and jelly, tuna (but the mayo took a chance of going bad), maybe occasionally a turkey or ham sandwich. I never took tortellini with blush sauce accompanied by shredded Parmesan cheese. I don't recall my dad putting stew or lasagna in my paper bag either. Gee Whiz, they are spoiled.
Ok, it is my fault, I understand. But they love the leftovers, it gives them something healthy to eat, something that the kid next to them will look and say, "Whatcha got for lunch today? Can I try some?" And of course, Eric will share a little bit, PJ won't.

They are the only kids in school that go with natural peanut butter, homemade jellies and jams, homemade cookies and cakes, and leftovers that are so worth every bite. You know, like meatloaf and homemade mac and cheese.

Nope, they aren't spoiled. Just well fed, healthy kids. And as for Chuck, he is spoiled!