Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The primitive way of life

Ok, I know we all don't have to live primitively anymore. We have all the luxuries in home that we can ever really need. But when one of those luxuries are gone, you really miss it.

Last Thursday, Eric was walking through the kitchen, "Where is all this water coming from?" I thought that one of us left the freezer open again. Get up, clean all of it up, don't worry about it. Friday Chuck gets home, "I thought you cleaned up all the water in the freezer?", "I did, why?", "Well, it is leaking again." Great! Just what I don't need, another crappy refrigerator. I have been taking it's temperature on and off for about 2 days, something wasn't quite right, mmm, I don't know, when it is reading 47 degrees, and the freezer is reading, oh 42, there is a problem somewhere, don't ya think!

Anyway, Chuck was off early on Saturday and decided that we could put everything in the coolers and turn off the fridge. But before he did that, he cleaned the bottom, where the air intake hoses are, and well, low and behold, what did he find?

But the largest cat hair ball in the free world!

Yes, this is gross, but with fuzz ball living with us, we forget that she sheds, and she sheds a lot. This wasn't the problem though. Wished it was.

Load up the coolers, fill with ice, put what we can in the subzero freezer, so glad I have that thing. Leave the things that really don't need to be in the fridge, in there, you know ketchup, A1, leave the water in there, cokes and some other things. Buy another cooler and hope and pray that the thing froze up and will need to thaw out.

We bought this thing a little over a year ago. And we have had them out once to fix it, but the warrenty was up on the 1 yr buy date. As we all know, even with cars, you can go over a few miles and they will still honor the warrenty, as long as it isn't anything big. I also asked when we bought it, since it did have a dent in it, will this affect the unit? He told me no, I would have to buy another year of warrenty to cover anything that could happen for 2 years. We decided against it, this is before the dishwasher that we bought from there died in 3 years.

So, here we are, eggs, milk, cream, butter, mustards, lunch meats, cheese, cream cheese and whatever else we had, in 2 coolers. Not fun trying to find everything. Try getting to a gallon of milk without disturbing everything else.

So, while the fridge is unplugged, it started hemmoraging water, memories of our last unit. Ok, so, Chuck is home with the boys, and they keep towels there, keep everything dry, and it stays unplugged from Saturday afternoon to Sunday morning. I left for work and just left it alone. He gets home with a good thermometer and waits patiently. I get home and it is still not quite up to temp. Not good. But this morning, it was cold, so I loaded everything back up in it. Drain the one, load that up in the trunk, because I was heading to Publix for ice cream. And go on my way.

Now, I bought a cheap thermometer at Walmart this afternoon and it is still not right. So, I think I am gonna have to go to the local store where I bought it and ask, beg and plead with them to come out and look at it, like it is still under warrenty. I am hoping that the thing is ok and I won't have to deal with this again, but the way it is going, I think this will be another ordeal.

As for the air intake hoses, they will be cleaned every month!