Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Just some updates on everything

Ok, A and E just called, they will be here soon to check out this hunk of junk that is a so called refrigerator. Yes, Johanna, I am about to call the BBB for the fact that they sold us a lemon. It is irritating that I can't use the refrigerator for more than 2 days.
Elaine, to answer your question. Grocery shopping is a challenge right now. I went shopping the other day and spent quite a bit since I haven't had the luxury of a real refrigerator for several days. So, of course thinking that I had a refrigerator, I bought things like eggs, lunch meats, bacon, milk, cream, you know the stuff that you need to have coffee and breakfast. But when I got home and I noticed that it wasn't right, I had to start unloading and put things in the freezer. So, my shopping has been interesting. I buy things that I know can be frozen, I buy things that are smaller so I can fit it in the cooler. Chuck provides the ice from work. The freezer part is keeping cool enough for the eggs to be in there. But what would take me 30 minutes is now taking my over an hour. I have to plan out meals that won't have any leftovers. And if they do have leftovers, will it freeze ok? is the next question. It has been very hard, and my patience is at wit's end right now.
I got home from work last night at 11:15, Chuck was up waiting on me. I told him I was tired. I am not tired from work, although I did scrub floors last night, I am tired of this refrigerator. I am tired of walking around coolers, rummaging through the coolers looking for my cream, or the mustard, or whatever else there is. This is a learning experience for all of us. No food goes to waste at all, which is very good. They boys get creative with their lunches. Thankfully fruit and veggies don't have to be kept cool, or there would be nothing in the house to eat. I am so grateful that we did buy the upright freezer. It is packed full, as is the pantry. So that way if they want applesauce, they can have it. It is frustrating, but we all have trials, and there are friends of mine that are going through harder times than I am, who am I to even think about complaining?
As for Eric and the bike, the boys have been sharing. How nice of PJ to let Eric ride his bike. Let's start with PJ, the other day he was having problems starting and keeping balance, well, he called us outside on Sunday, after this fiasco with the fridge, and said, "Watch what I can do!" He started his pedals where he wanted them, and off he took through the yard. Downhill through the back yard, 2 or 3 times before he crashed. While I was making dinner Chuck heard him crying. He crashed and crashed hard. The handlebars turned and nailed him in the chest, he had a good scrap down the front. But that didn't stop him from getting right back on. I got a text from Chuck when I was at work, they were out there in the front and the back riding the bike, taking turns and having a great time.
As for Eric, we will be buying him a bike this week. He picked one out at Wal-Mart. Same as PJ's, just a bit larger. Perfect for him, and then when he outgrows that one, PJ can have it. He started out slow, well, you know he never rode one, never showed an interest, so for him to get on one and try to ride it, I was proud of him. Well, he would get out there everyday and practice, would ride down the dead end and come back up. He gets on it like he has always known how to ride a bike. I am so proud of both of them. Eric has coordination problems and this is helping him big time.
So, life isn't all that bad for me. I am going on a field trip with PJ this week, and I am so excited about that. I am so blessed with life right now. My mom tells me I have a talent and to use it. If anything comes from my little story, wonderful, if not, it won't be a big deal.