Friday, September 12, 2008

Just wondering ...

I am thinking about writing a children's book. Yes, I know that is way, way out there, but what is the worst they can say? Um, no thanks. Hey, it would be worth the effort.

I have discovered that I love blogging, and I know that it is very different than writing a book. But I am not talking about a novel, I am talking on the lines of an illustrated children's book. You know, something fun.

I was trying to sleep the other night and with Chuck the way his arm is right now, sleep doesn't come easily to either one of us. Anyway, I flipped my pillow over, and it twisted and turned and I couldn't get it right. 'Bout drove me up a wall. Finally I got it done, but by that time I was awake and had a time falling back to sleep. I think it eventually came to me, and I woke up much later.

Ok, so while fighting with this twisted pillow, it came to me, no, not sleep. But a book about a little boy that, basically, does the same thing. He tries to flip the pillow, but he keeps twisting it. I have a lot to think about with it, I have it all in my head, but getting it on paper is a different story. Or getting it out of my head and into the computer is a different story.

Ok, people, I want your opinion on this. Elaine and Johanna especially. If you think that it is silly, let me know. But I think it would be fun to try.


Elaine said...

Sounds like a very cute idea for a bedtime story!!!! Parents are always looking for stories and rituals to get kids to settle down for bedtime. When you've thought about it more, I'd love to hear more!!!!

Johanna said...

What a fine idea! I would have never thought about using a pillow in a children's story, but I think it's clever! Elaine could probably give you some very valuable direction.

Way to go! You're always thinking and always doing. You make me exhausted! :)