Thursday, September 11, 2008

Chuck's Shoulder

I haven't mentioned anything about Chuck and his shoulder because he kept telling me that there was nothing wrong.

A while back he thought he was being funny, pushed up on the counter at work and attempted to kick on of the giblet head girls in the head by swinging on his arms. Well, let me see, 41 years old, not too heavy, trying to playfully kick someone in the back of the head. Things like that never, ever have a good ending. And it doesn't.

The other day he tried to put a medium pan pizza in the oven, he dropped it. His shoulder gave out. He then decided that it is time for him to see a Dr. The only day off he had this week was yesterday. So, he got up and headed to the walk in that we generally go to. They have an xray machine there so they will be able to tell him what is going on. Only thing, the tech was out and he had to go back today.

He texts me to let me know that they were reading it and would get back to me. Yesterday the Dr said, without xrays that the shoulder was separated. Not good. He knew it wasn't the rotator cuff, but something else. Today they look at the xrays, yes it is separated, but they see a slight hairline fracture too. Oh man, how much pain has he been in?

They are setting him up for an appointment with a specialist and then go from there. Most likely surgery, but right now we are in a holding pattern. He is on a high power anti-inflammatory and a low dose darvacet. Take the anti-inflammatory once a day, but the darvact messed up his sleep. He moaned and groaned all night long last night. He took both this morning, and well, I'm loopy, I'm loopy, was all I heard in his voice.

Yes, he is still at work, can't afford to miss any work right now. Taking it easy, planning on more employees there than he really needs, but you have to do what you have to do. If I need to help him out, I can help out, I know what to do.

I will keep you updated on him. I don't think I can handle having him at home for too many weeks.


Johanna said...

Keep us updated! That's a bummer!