Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Project time

I knew this was coming. I knew that PJ would come home and tell me that he had to make a plant or animal cell project. I was just trying to figure out what he could do.

Eric had the same project when he was in 4th grade. I let them decide on how to make their projects, I let them figure out the best way to do it. Eric decided on pizza dough, onions, sauce, green peppers and pepperoni. It was cool! We used a biscuit cutter to cut out the vacules and then we used the sauce as blood and filled the little circles with the other food. It was a great idea. Now we could have done it again this year, but PJ wanted something different.

We thought about it, he would throw ideas at me, I would bounce them off of him. Nothing came up that he really preferred. Except this, use jello in a plastic bag and then use things to make the nucleous, mitochondria, and the vacules. Ok, I can do that. Easy, takes no time, and we have everything at home for it.

I needed dried apricots for dinner that night, so I colored one green. We used raisins and John Deere gummies for the other stuff. The plastic bag was the cell wall, the jello was the cytoplasma and the apricot was the nucleous.

He used toothpicks with cardboard for the labeling of everything. Eric used the last of the tape for his project, so we had to staple everything to the toothpicks.

It wasn't the best project, but you can tell a kid did this one. There was one little boy that got a 0, why you may ask. Well, all he did was print a picture from the computer and turned it in for his project. Nope, not gonna work. He had fun with it. Constantly checking to see if he could add the stuff, trying to figure out what would go where, things like that. He had it all labeled right, he decided on the design and what was to be done. He can be proud that this one was all his.